Product Focus: Earned Recognition; The simple approach to success

May 14, 2018 by David Tran
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Product Focus: Earned Recognition; The simple approach to success

Many companies will be confident that they manage their logistics compliance regime to a high standard and they shouldn’t be subject to the same roadside stops and site visits needed to ensure compliance for less well managed operations. But they may be put off applying for ER Exemplar Operator status  by the complexity of mastering the exact requirements as they differ from current practice, fully educating everyone involved  and the constant vigilance required to make sure teething problems don’t trigger unnecessary alerts.

There is now a solution to help with these problems for companies that are interested in preparing themselves for Exemplar Operator status.  Following Labyrinth’s successful bid to become DVSA approved auditors for Earned Recognition; the company has developed a new SilkThread® module for Earned Recognition.

The cloud based software has been developed to enable companies to prepare for ER internally with only minimal outside help.  It provides the expertise and knowledge required and the ability to continually track performance with status dashboards, diary alerts and audit trails; making it easy to have confidence in applying for Exemplar Operator status.  A series of questions under 9 compliance topics, guide companies through the exact requirements for ER compliance and highlight exactly where action is required.

Labyrinth is also able to assist with consultancy support and pre-audits and the requirements for maintenance software, tachograph information and dashboards to comply with the KPI requirements.

Ruth Waring said:  “We know lots of companies are interested in the competitive advantage they can gain from attaining Exemplar Operator status ahead of the pack but worried about mastering the detailed requirements.   SilkThread® Earned Recognition module can make this straightforward and Labyrinth have the knowledge and experience to support companies to a successful application.”


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