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Product focus: Dearman unveil liquid nitrogen refueller

Product focus: Dearman unveil liquid nitrogen refueller

Clean cold experts Dearman and industrial gas supplier Air Products have unveiled a new refueller to complement the groundbreaking Dearman transport refrigeration unit (TRU).

The Dearman TRU is powered by liquid nitrogen and seeks to displace incumbent diesel TRUs. The refueller can be quickly installed at distribution depots planning to take up Dearman TRUs – it takes just a day to get up and running. Hassle-free set-up is a key selling point of the Dearman system.

The new liquid nitrogen refueller works just like a diesel pump, meaning drivers do not need to learn unfamiliar practices. Users just connect the nozzle, simply press a button and the dispenser does the rest, stopping automatically when the Dearman TRU tank is full. A full refuels takes less than ten minutes.

The Dearman TRU has already been deployed in the fleets of Sainsbury’s, Unilever and Marks & Spencer.

Commenting, Dearman’s Head of Cryogenics, Chris Owen, said:

“We’re delighted to unveil the new Dearman liquid nitrogen refueller, developed with our partners at Air Products. It’s very user-friendly for fleet operators and it certainly reduces any anxieties there may be about switching to new technologies. Above all, it’s completely safe for the operator.

“The Dearman TRU is a proven alternative to diesel TRUs. An easy-to-use fast refueller makes it easy to integrate with existing fleets.”

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