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Product focus: Curved linear guides from igus – Guidance for variable radii

Product focus: Curved linear guides from igus – Guidance for variable radii

With the introduction of an adaptable drylin W carriage for linear guides with different radii, it is now possible for designers to create a guide system the goes smoothly into a curve from a straight line. This opens up numerous options in industry, ranging from office furniture to stage equipment and even in the driver cabs of agricultural and commercial vehicles.

The use of tribopolymer bearings enables the guide rail system to be self-adjusting, adapting automatically to the radius of the rail making the system run smoothly and quietly. Just as the carriage for a fixed radius, the new version is also available with manual clamping, whereby the carriage can be fixed at any position.

As the aluminium rails can be modified by precision bending, the profile of the curve can be tailored to meet virtually any requirements.

igus drylin SHT leadscrew module in stainless steel for extreme environments

igus has added a stainless steel version to its drylin SHT range of leadscrew modules. The drylin SHT-ES is made entirely of 304 grade stainless steel, also known as V2A, making it ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as for high temperature applications.

Designers can configure the leadscrew module using the standard online drylin SHT tool. Like all igus products, the drylin SHT-ES module is self-lubricating and therefore requires no maintenance. A wide range of stroke lengths is available, as well as drive options. Depending on the customer's requirements, the drive pin can also be provided with pins, grooves or key surfaces. Engineers can quickly configure and order a virtually custom assembly for delivery, ready for installation.

The drylin SHT-ES module is available in four different installation sizes (shaft diameters) of 8, 12, 20 and 30 mm. For the thread, users can choose between self-locking trapezoidal and high-speed high helix thread, available in pitches of 2 to 100 mm with right-hand, left-hand or reverse threads. Users of the online configurator can choose, for example, between iglidur X, which makes the leadscrew module suitable in applications up to 200°C and are resistant to chemicals, and the food-grade material iglidur A180 for use in food and packaging technology.

igus adds heavy duty linear guides to drylin ZLW range

igus introduces a heavy duty version of its popular drylin ZLW range of toothed belt linear guides. With a maximum stoke length of up to 3m, the new drylin ZLW-20 can handle an axial load of up to 75kg and a radial load capacity of up to 300kg.

Ideal for quick positioning applications, the wide belt drive permits speeds of more than 5m/s, depending on the load. The tension of the polyurethane toothed belt with steel cable is easily adjustable. Underwater applications are also possible with a special belt.

The drylin ZLW-20 offers three shaft centre distances (120mm, 160mm and 200mm). Due to the low profile of the toothed belt axes, even tight installations spaces are accommodated. The support blocks, rails and carriages are available either made of light-weight aluminium or stainless steel. The stainless steel system is particularly well-suited for applications in the food industry.

The use of iglidur J linear bearings on moving parts makes the linear system self-lubricating and maintenance free. The absence of lubricant also makes it insensitive to dust and dirt, as particles will not stick to the moving parts.

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