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Product focus: Cesab ranges deliver powerbase

Product focus: Cesab ranges deliver powerbase

Cesab has launched the new Cesab P113 powered pallet truck, Cesab S110 and S110S stacker ranges with higher productivity, improved ergonomics and superior safety at the heart of their design.

Aimed at improving operational efficiencies, reducing manual handling and increasing operator and load safety, the Cesab P113 is ideal for maneuvering goods on the back of lorries, on production lines, in storage facilities and in retail outlets.
The Cesab S110 and S110S stackers are purpose built for transporting loads over short distances, stacking on low lift heights and can be used as height-adjustable ergonomic working tables in picking and sorting operations. The Cesab S110S comes equipped with straddle support arms.
The Cesab P113, Cesab S110 and Cesab S110S deliver a more efficient handling experience by improving drivability with the creep speed feature. If the tiller arm is locked up and in a restricted space where it cannot be maneuvered easily, operators can move the truck at a very slow speed with the tiller arm fully upright, within the truck profile, by activating the creep speed mode.
The Cesab P113 offers stronger climbing ability on slopes such as tail lifts into lorries and into storage facilities, making them more efficient during this frequent operation. The uphill control feature ensures that the trucks cannot roll backwards if they are put in forward travel mode, even if the brakes are released. This, together with a low base, prevents the Cesab P113 from hitting operators' feet or damaging stock.
Productivity is further enhanced through extended battery life and features designed to reduce energy consumption. These include automatic shut off and deep sleep modes which ensure zero energy usage when the truck is not in use.
Simple, intuitive tiller arm control includes easy access to all tiller functions by either hand. Businesses can programme the Cesab P113, Cesab S110 and Cesab S110S with individual performance settings, with up to 10 driver profiles and 100 pin codes ensuring that the trucks are configured for safe and appropriate use by each of its operators.
The Cesab P113, Cesab S110 and Cesab S110S emit very low levels of noise, helping to contribute to a quieter and more comfortable environment for operators, co-workers and site visitors. Their compact size ensures high productivity and maneuverability even in confined spaces, enabling these trucks to replace manual hand pallet trucks and take the strain instead of the operator and helping to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.
A maintenance-free, permanent magnet AC motor is another new feature that delivers greater reliability in addition to intelligent battery charging and long battery life.
A built-in charger and maintenance free batteries ensure an easy battery charging experience and higher uptime with the Cesab P113, Cesab S110 and Cesab S110S models. The Cesab P113 also offers an optional in-vehicle charger for use in the back of delivery lorries.
Miles Griffin, General Manager, Cesab Material Handling UK: "The Cesab P113, Cesab S110 and Cesab S110S deliver a significant step forward for lower intensity horizontal transport, loading and unloading operations. Better designed and built, compact and intuitive to operate, both trucks will help customers to reduce their manual handling operations, improve safety and create a more ergonomic, comfortable operating experience for users. "

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