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Product focus: Brady Corporation offers new, compliant Lithium battery

Product focus: Brady Corporation offers new, compliant Lithium battery

Brady Corporation offers new, compliant Lithium battery truck signs on reliable materials for increased ADR compliance, and easy to apply packaging labels to warn employees and first responders for packaging containing highly flammable lithium batteries that are difficult to extinguish.

Lithium battery safety risks

When a lithium-ion battery is damaged, a short can occur and that spark is enough to ignite the highly reactive lithium inside and start a fire. When overheated, lithium-ion batteries may also explode. For these reasons, transportation of Lithium batteries with UN-number 3090, 3091, 3480 and 3481 must be identified using prescribed handling labels on packaging, and a class 9A ADR sign on trucks, starting on December 31, 2018.

Reliable, compliant truck signs

Brady offers the class 9A ADR truck sign for lithium batteries on reliable materials that will last several years in the outdoors. The diamond shaped lithium battery warning sign can be offered with a self-adhesive, magnetic or rigid backing to fit a variety of trucks. The sign not only improves compliance, it will also warn drivers and first responders of the risks in case of a fire. Brady also offers the 15 other ADR signs for optimal truck compliance.

Easy to apply packaging labels

Brady's lithium battery packaging labels are easy to apply and compliant with regulations. As prescribed, the correct battery UN-number, your phone number and additional information should be added to the label. This can be done in Brady factories in line with your specifications, or companies can print their label with a Brady printer in their facilities.

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