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Product focus: Baoli introduces new forklift ranges to EMEA market

Product focus: Baoli introduces new forklift ranges to EMEA market

KION Baoli launches onto the EMEA market the KBD 50-60-70 and 100 fork lift trucks which bring together German technology and engineering with competitive costs of products manufactured in the Far East. This combination results in an exceptional quality-price ratio. KBD is the perfect choice for those looking for a sturdy and good quality product without the need for a super equipped lift truck. These forklifts can be used in outdoor areas such as construction sites or yards and are available in the Diesel version both for the EU market (CE compliant) - equipped with Cummings engine - and for the extra-EU market - provided with Isuzu engine.

The KBD models load centre is 600 mm and they are available in 4 different load capacities – 5000kg, 6000kg, 7000 kg and 10000kg – in order to fit customer’s needs. These forklift trucks are designed for heavy duty and they ensure safety, comfort, manoeuvrability and good performances. The large, spacious and easily accessible cabin is designed to guarantee a great visibility, even for the highest loads, while the steel engine compartment of the KB+ guarantees not only strength and functionality but also maximum simplicity of the servicing and maintenance operations.

Customers can choose among a broad range of options such as the full cabin with windscreen wiper, internal fan, heater and air conditioner, vertical exhaust, 5th valve for the hydraulic system and the electronic driving direction selection.  The radiator is fully made of aluminum and the automatic transmission is first class. Moreover, KBD 50-60-70 and 100 forklifts are equipped with a reduced diameter steering wheel (300mm) that provides excellent maneuverability in all the operational conditions.

Also ergonomics is not disregarded thanks to a spacious driver’s seat, a very large operator footboard and lifting cylinders cushioned during the descent that guarantee maximum safety when handling more delicate loads. The KBD 50-60-70 and 100 forklift trucks are distributed in the EMEA area by a network of carefully selected dealers, just like all the KION Baoli products. The commercial network is one of the strongpoints of the brand, as it guarantees knowledge of the territory, spares parts ready for delivery, pre and after-sales support.

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