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Product focus: Baoli ensures top-level lifting capacities to guarantee operator safety

Product focus: Baoli ensures top-level lifting capacities to guarantee operator safety

With the new KBD and KBG series, Baoli - an important international player in the logistics market that operates in more than 80 countries around the world - offers trucks equipped with lifting capacities in line with the best market players. A fundamental characteristic to face the principles of stability and security: in the US, for example, almost 100,000 accidents are caused each year by the use of forklift trucks.

Forklift trucks represent the hub of the logistics market and play a significant role in global trade. For this reason, safety in material handling is an aspect that should not be neglected: for example, to emphasise the importance of this issue, according to an American research conducted by the Occupation Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and published on  Industrial Truck Association, only in the USA about 100 thousand accidents involving forklift trucks occur every year, 35 thousand of which are very serious, and as much as 70% of which could be avoided by paying more attention to the loading of materials. However, that is not all: actually, data from the US institution Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published by Safety and Health Magazine revealed that in 2015 as many as 96 operators died. And it is precisely to meet the principles of stability and security that Baoli, a manufacturer of lift trucks and warehouse equipment that operates in more than 80 countries around the world, proposes lifting capacities in line with the best players in the market with its new KBD and KBG series of thermal forklifts. For example, with the KBD30 Diesel truck it is possible to lift 3000 kg up to 5.5 metres in full safety.

“The stability and reliability of our trucks are fundamental principles of our work - explained Francesco Pampuri, the marketing manager of Baoli EMEA – As is well known, forklift trucks guarantee their nominal capacity in the basic configuration: as one diverges from the latter, the maximum lifting load must decrease in order to maintain the machine’s stability unchanged during handling. Our new Diesel and LPG forklift series are able to guarantee high capacities even diverging much from the basic configuration. Having lift trucks with such high capacities means being able to carry out handling operations for which, opting for other brands, it would be necessary to switch to forklifts of greater “size” and price; but the advantages will be evident even for those customers who, although they do not make full use of the maximum capacity of the machine, will have the opportunity to rely on a particularly stable machine to guarantee wider safety margins and driveability”.

Baoli – Baoli is a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment which operates in more than 80 countries around the world. The company forms part of KION, the European market leader and the world's second largest manufacturer of warehouse technology. It is also famous for brands such as Linde, Still and Dematic. Baoli is the perfect combination between the engineering and technology of a major global group and the pragmatism and attention to costs which is typical of products manufactured in the Far East. Baoli is directly present in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a dedicated structure serving 40 markets. Baoli EMEA manages all the sales and after-sales aspects and has a vast warehouse located in Italy, which acts both as the centralised distribution hub, with a stock of more 300 forklifts ready for delivery, and as a spare parts area, which is one of the largest in Europe with an area of more than 11,000 m2.

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