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Product focus: anti condensation for warehouse roofs

Product focus: anti condensation for warehouse roofs

Condensation forming and dripping from uninsulated roofs, can cause serious damage to stored goods and electrical services, often affecting the fire and smoke detectors as the wiring is usually laid in the bottom of the purlin, where condensation pools. The condensation tends to run down to the purlins, where it drips onto stored goods and the floor, causing dangerous conditions underfoot and for forklift trucks.

Grafo-therm anti condensation coating is the most cost effective method of achieving condensation control, Grafo-therm also increases light reflection, and decreases both solar heat gain and reverberating sound, resulting in a much improved working/storage environment. Grafo-therm is used in warehouses, cold stores, shipping containers, factories, and can be applied onto most surfaces.

When cold store roofs suffer with condensation it presents further problems, that can cause serious corrosion to the composite panels of the cold store ceiling, The condensation drips and forms pools of water on top of the ceiling, this water permeates through the joints and eventually drips into the storage area below, which if below freezing will form icicles and ice patches on the floor.

Grafo-therm is a very low density that increases the insulation properties of the coating, this prevents condensation from forming for most of the time, when conditions are that dewpoint surface temperature appears on the coatings surface, any condensation is immediately absorbed into the Grafo-therm coating, a 1.5mm thickness can absorb up to 1 litre of water per m2, when conditions change to drying the highly textured surface of the Grafo-therm coating, increases the surface drying area of the coating by up to 20 times that of an untreated roof, enabling rapid evaporation and drying of the Grafo-therm coating.

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