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Product focus: Access offers Rapid WMS deployment for 3PLs

Product focus: Access offers Rapid WMS deployment for 3PLs

Delta Rapid, a new pre-configured Warehouse Management System (WMS) from leading supply chain software provider Access UK, can be installed and operational in seven weeks. This means third party logistics (3PL) companies can now realise the immediate benefits of accuracy and eliminate manual order management by deploying a full spec WMS, without the traditional six-month installation period.

Delta Rapid 3PL is designed for growing SME Warehouse operations seeking a high functionality, ‘out-of-the-box’ WMS solution. Companies are achieving their growth plans by providing enhanced capabilities, integration and visibility for clients. A full spec WMS, it offers pre-configured deployment, reduced implementation times and widely adopted workflows resulting in a much faster return on investment.

Derived from the well-established Access Delta WMS, 3PLs not only gain a solution from a recognised brand but also proven technology that can be deployed as a sales tool to win new business. Being pre-configured to offer future-proofed functionality, Delta Rapid offers a cost effective solution to those customers without the budget for a ‘full blown’ system, but need a WMS to help them on the first phase of their journey to growth.  Delta Rapid can develop into the full Access Delta Enterprise system as the customer requirements broaden from the templated solution provided by Rapid.

Working with third party Radio Frequency (RF) scanning hardware, Delta Rapid 3PL automates processes and gives real time data capture, stock levels, clear operator instructions and audit trial with job start and finish logs. The system also captures, generates and calculates warehouse charges.

“Many businesses find a WMS to be expensive when they start totaling up the installation and licensing costs, and the fact the deployment process may take in excess of 6 months, turning it into a mammoth project,” says Zaeem Batavia of Access UK. “Delta Rapid offers the perfect solution for organisations seeking a cost effective WMS that offers traceability, functionality and is easy to administer. Furthermore, dealing direct with Access as the software author of a full suite of business software means customers can be certain of a long term partner as they grow.”

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