Product film: Projecting your voice

August 21, 2015 by Kirsty Adams
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Product film: Projecting your voice

Voiteq is a global provider of Voice-Directed Work solutions, based on Honeywell’s Vocollect Voice solution. The UK team won two SHD Logistics Awards earlier this year alongside Kellogg's for implementing a warehouse solution which generated a collective productivity improvement of 40% in case pick operations. Retailers can now receive their orders stacked to their own requirements and built in order to protect the product and shorten breakdown times.

Projecting Your Voice - Voiteq

Read an exclusive interview with Bill Hughes, UK warehousing manager for Kellogg's and Isabel McCabe, managing director of Voiteq, on warehouse efficiency and productivity increases in the September issue.

Voiteq will also be exhibiting at the SHD Logistics Autumn Conference which takes place on the 15th of October at ZSL London Zoo.

In 2016, the SHD Logistics Awards will take place at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) in Birmingham, on Thursday the 15th of September.

Entry to the Awards will open on the 2nd of March 2016. To register your interest, click here.




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