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Product: Crown launches the Gena forklift operating system

Product: Crown launches the Gena forklift operating system

Crown has launched its new Gena operating system in parallel with the new ESR 1000 Series reach trucks. 

Thanks to the Gena system and its built-in InfoLink connectivity, future generations of Crown forklifts will come with advanced productivity, safety, personalisation management features as standard.

“Our dynamic Gena operating system with the integrated InfoLink fleet management system delivers a data-rich user experience that can be tailored to individual needs,” explains Horst Kirsch, Senior Manager Product Marketing at Crown. “It streamlines workflows and delivers information to efficiently operate trucks or manage forklift fleets – benefiting operators, service engineers and warehouse managers alike. Connectivity ties it all together by simplifying the implementation of new technologies, so our customers can easily build on what they already have.”

Crown’s newly developed Gena operating system is intuitive, customisable and interactive, offering a whole new operator experience. It delivers all crucial data or information clearly and concisely via a 7-inch colour touchscreen in one of 25 selectable languages. Within their preferred language, operators can also choose from a growing selection of widgets displaying key forklift functions such as speed, operating time, steering angle and battery charge. To cycle through them, or to set favourites, the operator just has to swipe a finger across the display – exactly like a smartphone. The Gena system is connected to all forklift functions.

In the ESR 1000 Series reach truck, 17 onboard sensors gather real-time data on operating conditions, control inputs and system outputs. Based on this data, high-speed processors and proprietary algorithms adjust the forklift’s operating parameters to deliver reliable, efficient performance. The operating system ensures that vital information is easy to see, understand and use, helping operators to boost their throughput.

Connecting people with machines

In conjunction with the seamlessly integrated InfoLink® fleet management system, the Gena system delivers reliable management data and safety reminders, as well as interactive illustrated inspection checklists. The forklifts are networked via WiFi and GSM connectivity. This makes it easier for warehouse, service and safety managers to monitor as well as manage their forklift fleet’s productivity and collisions.

With the InfoLink and Gena systems, lift trucks become operators’ reliable partners. Managers can program-in customisable safety checklists which operators must process when they first log on. In addition, various pre-programmed safety reminders are displayed while the truck is in operation. To obviate possible language barriers, both checklists and reminders appear as user-friendly graphics on the lift truck’s display. Another feature is the Dynamic Coaching™ function, which provides operators with notifications or alerts in real time. If the operator performs an act correctly, these notifications appear in blue – but in critical situations they turn red and are accompanied by a special acoustic alert.

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