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Priority Freight recognised by MoD for support of ex-defence personnel

Priority Freight recognised by MoD for support of ex-defence personnel

From a central control room, specialist logistics experts oversee time-critical logistics solutions on behalf of major global manufacturers. The pressure of coordinating such multi-faceted challenges in extremely tight deadlines can reach the same levels as commanding military logistics on the ground in Basra.

A role that is well-suited to ex-military personnel, Priority Freight has received the bronze award from the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) for its commitment to support the employment of ex-defence personnel. Priority Freight, a leading time-critical logistics specialist, currently employs seven team members who come from a military background. Team leader, a five-tour Veteran Captain, Leanne Barry began working for Priority Freight two and a half years ago, responsible for moving high value payloads around the world.

The role for the expedited logistics firm may not compare to the dangers of working on the front line but Leanne admits there are times when she still feels the heat. She said: “Everything is on a time constraint here. As tensions rise, it can remind me of being in the army because it is so fast and furious. We have to ensure everything is delivered on-time and in pristine condition, because dozens of global manufacturers rely on you to deliver the military precision they have come to know.”

Nathan White recently joined the Priority Freight team as Logistics Coordinator, making this his first civilian role out of the army, where he served with the Royal Engineers for four years. He accounts his experience so far: “Working for Priority Freight has given me lots of varied experience and I’ve enjoyed relying on the skills I learnt in the army.

Logistics at its root is time versus speed versus distance and this has been a constant for me in both roles. My tasks in the military involved moving people and kit, whereas at Priority Freight it is more specialised due to the nature of our clients.”

Neal Williams, Group Managing Director at Priority Freight, comments, “It wasn’t a conscious decision to seek out staff with a military background; it happened organically. I think it is due to the transferable skills that complement a role at Priority Freight. The nature of emergency logistics can often create a pressurised working environment, with many moving parts to manage; something that our ex-defence team members adjusted to with ease. “We are very proud to have been recognised by the Armed Forces Covenant. Our team members achieved great things during their military careers and we are extremely pleased to see them making successful career gains outside of the military with Priority Freight.”

The ERS recognises commitment and support from UK employers for defence personnel. More information of the awarded organisations for 2017 can be found on the Government website. To learn more about the team at Priority Freight and the skills and experience they offer clients in expediting emergency and time-critical logistics, visit their website.

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