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Printronix LLC releases S828 and S809 desktop serial dot matrix printers

Printronix LLC releases S828 and S809 desktop serial dot matrix printers

Printronix LLC recently launched two new serial dot matrix printers, the S828 and the S809, both of which deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding of industrial environments and workloads. They have been developed in true Printronix tradition of fit-for-purpose workhorses that deliver maximum uptime, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and reliability you can count on.

“In this new industrial age it’s all to easy to overlook established and proven technologies like serial dot matrix,” offers Xavier Nicolaï, Marketing Manager of Printronix EMEA. “But in a world of expensive to maintain desktop printers, few can compete with our two new machines in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness at printing transactional supply chain documentation.

“Many of our customers operate in challenging industrial environments where printers are exposed to rough handling and extreme conditions. While other machines may struggle, ours thrive; it’s what we’ve built our reputation on,” says Xavier.

It’s evident from the metal casing of the S828 that it’s built to last but it offers much more than that. Its optional IPDS chip allows customers with legacy IBM AS/400 and iSeries systems to have a modern solution to upgrade their printers.

The S828 has a print speed of 800cps while the S809 reaches 900cps. Both devices have best in class printhead life and an extended ribbon life (25 million characters) that is some 25% better than competing desktops.

Strong 6-pin tractors ensure superior form feeding every time, and an optional second tractor allows for two separate forms to be loaded simultaneously. “If you’re constantly loading and reloading different forms, it eats into production time. With both the S828 and the S809, you can have two different forms loaded simultaneously that the operator can easily switch between,” says Xavier.

With noise levels of just 54dBA, the S809 and S828 are quieter than their peers making them ideal for both office and industrial spaces. Both the S828 and the S809 have standard Ethernet, USB, Serial and Parallel interfaces that provide good levels of flexibility in connectivity; the S828 additionally supports ANSI 3.64 and 18-pin emulations making it truly IBM compatible.

Both of the new Printronix serial dot matrix printers are easy to use and include a number of built-in features, like auto paper path switching and form thickness adjustment, so user intervention is minimal and intuitive.   

“In busy production and distribution areas with exacting workloads and hostile conditions, businesses need to rely on printers that produce their all-important supply chain paper trail,” suggested Xavier. “The S828 and S809 are both reliable with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of some 20,000 hours giving unparalleled uptime.

“Where time is money, these new printers outclass their peers in terms of both performance and TCO and would prove tough, reliable assets in any busy industrial or office environment,” he concluded.

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