Power management for improved profitability

December 11, 2018 by Rhianna Kettle
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Power management for improved profitability

How gaining a deeper insight into the power management of electric material handling vehicles can improve profitability

If you’re responsible for a group of warehouses – or even a single building – you likely need to have a large number of electric material handling vehicles, with associated motive power batteries, chargers and battery handling devices that need maintaining. Modern warehouses also include many other energy storage and power generation devices, such as solar panels and UPS systems. Keeping energy and power management systems, specifically the batteries and chargers used in electric vehicles, in optimum condition makes financial sense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, well-maintained batteries and chargers last longer and are more reliable, which leads to direct cost-savings. Secondly, any shortfall in battery reliability will impact lift truck availability and an operation’s overall productivity.

While the concept of improved battery performance through careful management sounds attractive, it raises the question of how to achieve this in practice? While data from individual lift trucks is often readily available, this becomes hard to understand and act upon if the fleet comprises tens or hundreds of battery units. The challenge therefore is to seamlessly bring together the data from batteries, chargers and trucks using a single, integrated platform.

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