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Pooling Partners transports one million extra wooden pallets in 2017

Pooling Partners transports one million extra wooden pallets in 2017

Europe’s leading pooler and manufacturer of wooden pallets is reporting a year of growth in every sense of the word in the UK and Ireland, as it celebrates a successful 2017 and welcomes in the new year.

Pooling Partners has further extended its volume throughput by adding new customers which total five per cent growth in business last year – a figure which equates to more than one million extra pallets per year being delivered.

The company, which has its UK and Ireland base in Coventry and travelled more than 1.6 billion pallet miles on behalf of its clients in 2017, has also been able to boost staff numbers in that time to cope with demand.

Rather than concentrate on figures, Phil Storer (pictured), UK director of Pooling Partners, said the biggest success story of 2017 was cementing relationships with customers.

“Percentages and numbers only tell part of the story,” he said.

“For us, growth isn’t simply about figures on a page. Naturally, we’re delighted to see our business growing, but the most satisfying part of the year was extending relationships with customers – both new and existing – by continuing to find ways to add value in a challenging market - which has kept the business on an even keel as it heads into 2018.

 “Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so we are delighted that we’ve been able to extend a number of key working relationships, as well as growing jobs. We do this by reducing our customers costs while improving quality and service.

“And it is also about growth in the literal sense. Pooling and producing pallets using sustainably sourced timber means that new trees are always planted to replace the timber used. Not only is pooling pallets a great example of collaborative shared re-use, it is also a way of using a renewable source of material in a responsible way.”

Pooling Partners bases its business model on the circular economy – dubbed ECO-nomics by Phil -  which promotes the recovery and continual re-use of durable pallets and boxes in sustainable pooling systems.

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