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A pocketful of plasters: Kirsty Adams reflects on marathon training for Transaid

A pocketful of plasters: Kirsty Adams reflects on marathon training for Transaid

Eat this, run this far, wear socks... Less than a week to her marathon in Paris, Kirsty Adams shares five things she’s learnt about training for this epic ‘race’…

Bring your travel card on long runs

On Sunday 5 Feb 2017, I agreed to do a long run with some better runners. They left me after 11 miles, at Canary Wharf.  I listened to my body, which told me to stop running and take the DLR from Limehouse to Tower Bridge but re-join them later for a post-run roast.

Choose colourful courses 
The routes I’ve been running include the ancient River Thames and the Regent’s Canal. The Thames offers an eerie ambience - you can almost sense the dead marathon runners from days of old. The canal gifts the odd broken boat; pots of herbs being sold for a pound and unfortunately nowhere to go to the toilet.

Dodging tourists is a skill
They’re slow, you’re fast, they move out of the way anyway and dodging them can be fun.

Naps at work are not ok
Almost falling asleep at your desk because you’re exhausted from running is not acceptable even if you are raising money for Transaid. (I want to say a huge thank you to my sponsors Continental Tyres, Crown and Combilift who are saving lives by sponsoring me which makes all this worthwhile.)

Always carry plasters
I forgot my socks one run. This resulted in a huge blister and a lot of pain. Thankfully the pain from my throbbing legs and the hail stones shooting into my eye balls were a distraction.

This will probably be my first and last Marathon….

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the following sponsors:


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