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PM Rees opts for SANY for container handling operations

PM Rees opts for SANY for container handling operations

The heavy lifting division of Cooper Handling, Cooper Specialised Handling, has helped a well-established haulage, tank and garage services business to improve its ability to handle empty tanks by supplying the latest generation of container handler.

Barry-based PM Rees has taken delivery of a SANY SDCY-80K6G empty container handler to add to its fleet of Konecranes machines, which were also supplied by Cooper Specialised Handling.

For almost a decade, the two companies have been working closely together as PM Rees has invested in Konecranes laden and unladen reachstackers to meet the demands of its increasing customer throughput. Faced with a growing need to deal with empty tanks, PM Rees turned to Cooper for advice on a new empty container handler that could cope with the challenging workload.

Cooper Handling sales director Chris Barnes said: "The addition of another empty container handler to its fleet represents an important investment for PM Rees, and we're delighted that the company has once again turned to us, as its preferred handling solutions provider, for advice on how best to support customers that require empty tank services."

PM Rees is highly experienced in national and international road haulage, including the transportation of hazardous goods, bulk liquids, powders and containers. The family-owned and managed firm also provides a comprehensive range of associated services, including isotank container washing, testing and repairs, vehicle and tanker servicing and maintenance, trailer rental and tachograph calibration and inspection.

PM Rees managing director Peter Rees said: "We are committed to providing the very best service for our customers and investing in the latest specification heavy lifting equipment will enhance our ability to deal with the increasing volume of empty tanks passing through our facility.

"We know we can rely on Copper Handling to help us achieve a solution that will boost productivity while also enabling us to realise key operational efficiencies."

In light of restrictions on ground conditions and the turning circumference at the four-acre high security site in Barry, the Cooper team's solution is a second generation SANY 8 tonne single lift SDCY-80K6G empty container handler with six high mast section.

Built around a 30-tonne forklift truck chassis, the container handler features an in-built load monitor with soft park system in the mast's top and lower positions to protect both machine and operator from rouge laden tanks. Offering the highest cabin position of any container handler on the market, the SANY machine affords greater all round visibility; a key safety benefit and a particularly important consideration in yards where space is at a premium.

PM Rees is also benefiting from SANY's VALU+ package, whereby several typical options, such as an external daily check interface, tyre pressure monitoring and a head up display for spreader indication, are included as part of the machine's specification at no extra cost.

Barnes added: "With tank operations and possible dynamic loads it's vital that handling equipment provides optimum stability for the operator. Since SANY's second generation empty container handlers offer the highest stability factor in the marketplace as standard, without the need to add extra rear counterweights, we're confident they will more than satisfy this need."

In accordance with aftersales support for PM Rees' existing container handling equipment, servicing and maintenance for the new SANY machine will be provided on a full service agreement by the Cooper Solutions team of highly skilled engineers.

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