Pie announces London Lorry Route approver app

February 09, 2018 by David Tran
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Pie announces London Lorry Route approver app

Pie, the tech company bringing end-to-end visibility to fleet management solutions, has announced it will launch its official, digital London Lorry Route Approver (LLRA) app, next month.

The LLRA app will sync direct with Pie’s popular LLRA routing engine, currently the most up to date and comprehensive HGV routing system available.

The announcement is the first major product update from the company since it rebranded from ‘Pie Mapping’ to ‘Pie’ in March last year to reflect its wider vision of revolutionising the freight industry with a holistic solution for planning, tracking, visibility, efficiency and compliance.

Pie CEO, Stuart Hill said: “While we’re immensely proud of the heritage of the (cloud based) LLRA, we recognise that the future of fleet transport is in mobile. We’re excited to be launching our LLRA app - our entry level product - and will be following it up with a suite of other innovative software products later this year. Pie continues to strive to modernise the freight industry in a way no-one else has and pursue its vision of delivering holistic fleet management solutions that drive efficiencies and lower costs.”


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