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Paneltex highlights range of temperature controlled bodywork at TCS&D

Paneltex highlights range of temperature controlled bodywork at TCS&D

At this year’s TCS&D Show, leading British bodybuilder Paneltex Ltd will be featuring an impressive five-vehicle display from its diverse 2015 product portfolio that will include a selection of its popular temperature controlled bodies ranging from panel van conversions right up to double deck reefer trailers.

Manufactured at the Paneltex head office facility in Hull, and in the livery of online retailer Ocado, Paneltex will be exhibiting a tri-axle 13.6m double deck step frame reefer trailer fitted with a Thermo King SLX 200 refrigeration system on stand nos V4, V5, V6 & E18.

Alongside this will be the first 18 tonne Paneltex refrigerated box body built for TCS&D award-winning rental company, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent. Mounted on a DAF LF220 Euro VI chassis and specified with a Carrier Silent Supra 1150 multi-temperature refrigeration system designed for operation between -18° C and +4° C, it is one of a 6 vehicle order that Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has placed with Paneltex.

Representing the panel van conversion division of Paneltex will be three vehicles.

Firstly, there will be a Mercedes Sprinter MWB high roof model converted for frozen and chilled operation in multi-temperature format. The front compartment will handle temperatures down to -18°C with the rear compartments designed for +3°C. Refrigeration is from VMS Alex refrigeration system and the conversion features a Somers Mid Freeze door moulding to the interior of the existing door as well as having the Somers Direct Air Condenser Moulding fitted as standard. This vehicle will be in the livery of frozen food retailer Iceland.

The second refrigerated van conversion will be a Mercedes Sprinter MWB high roof model, again converted for multi-temperature applications and featuring the GAH Super Rapier SR351Fi low-temperature refrigeration system. This vehicle will also have the Somers Superfreeze Foldback side door, Superfreeze rear doors, CBF flexible bulkhead, Seven Telematics Transcan 2 temperature recorder and Somers Direct Air Condenser Moulding.

Completing the five-vehicle line-up will be a high spec Mercedes Sprinter MWB fitted with a side entry, 111 tote capacity body for handling ambient, chilled and frozen products on home delivery runs. The ambient compartment is located at the front of the vehicle, accessed by a narrow slat aluminium roller shutter. The high spec body features a GAH refrigeration system and has the freeze compartment in the centre and the chilled compartment to the rear of the vehicle, all individually accessed from the nearside of the body.

This vehicle is also equipped with a host of additional features including electronic door locks, foldout aluminium sidesteps to all doors, side marker lights fitted to WVTA regulations, a Brigade ultrasonic reverse alarm with audible warning, as well as a full camera system and folding sack barrow. This vehicle will be in the livery of retailer, ASDA.

Commenting on the planned vehicle display, Chris Berridge, Managing Director at Paneltex, said: “At this leading biannual temperature controlled event, Paneltex is keen to show visitors to the stand that it designs and manufactures an unrivalled selection of refrigerated vehicle and trailer bodies that showcases our position as one of the UK's leading specialist commercial vehicle bodybuilders.”

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