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Palletways unveils new strategic blueprint

Palletways unveils new strategic blueprint

The Palletways Group, Europe’s largest dedicated network for the express delivery of palletised freight, launched its strategic blueprint with which it hopes to dominate the pallet network sector for years to come.

The Group set out to a select group of media at Brooklands its Vision 20:20 strategy today (Monday 17th November), which it has been developing for the last year as a key part of its plans to come out of the challenging economic climate as an even stronger business.

The blueprint includes:

  • An extensive programme to optimise territory boundaries served by members to bring about significant operational efficiencies and cost savings from improved delivery drop density and better trunk balances. The move will also support Palletways commitment to delivering continuous improvement in customer service excellence and satisfaction.
  • A Digital Information Hub – a first for the industry – which provides extensive operational and customer data in real time to improve processes, communication, traffic planning and vehicle utilisation (see below).
  • The roll out of an online trading operation. This will mean customers can book their express palletised freight orders direct online for the first time ever. Development has been undertaken and testing is due to follow shortly with a planned launch in early 2015.
  • The launch of a web-based customer satisfaction research tool, which can be used by all members to gain invaluable feedback from customers so that they can fully understand their needs and respond accordingly with new service developments and improvements.
  • A major brand communications programme to clearly promote Palletways as the market leading pan-European pallet network. 

The Vision 20:20 strategy will also see Palletways continue to build on recent business development initiatives. In the last year the company has enhanced its member commercial support, which has included assisting Network Members with the recruitment of their own Sales teams and appointing Palletways Partnership Sales Managers, to help them generate sales. In addition, there will be a continued focus on gaining national accounts to support member trunk balances and build on recent business wins such as Yankee Candle.

Says Luis Zubialde (pictured), managing director of Palletways UK: “Our Vision 20:20  strategy is our blueprint for the future and sends out a clear statement that we are determined to take the pallet network sector to a whole new level for the benefit of our members and customers. In doing so, we aim to maintain our commercial success and market leadership.

“Ultimately Vision 20:20 sets out to transform the way pallet networks operate and is focussed on continuously improving on what we have done before in terms of efficiencies and adding value to our customers.”

Digital Information Hub 

Palletways Group has made what it describes as its ‘largest development to date” with the launch of a new real time Digital Information Hub - to drive up performance on a scale never seen before in the industry.

The web based information hub – a first for the pallet network sector - optimises the use of real time data to greatly enhance operational efficiencies and the customer experience. It forms part of the company’s Vision 20:20 strategy to provide significant added value for its members and customers and build profitable market share for the Group The development is being rolled out in the UK as from this month following extensive training for the company’s 100 plus network members and this will be replicated across the Group’s networks in Europe in the near future.

The digital system generates a range of data, which provides significant benefits to both customers and the network's members.

At the heart of the system is a customer and depot dashboard, which provides extensive and network-wide operational information in real time including:

  • Full visibility of consignments across the network as soon as they are entered into the system, increasing the ability to plan effectively;
  • Instant data on Proof of Delivery, a key performance indicator for the Group;
  • Customer trading profiles, including average consignments per day and per month, as well as the number of pallets delivered;
  • Consignment Analytics, incorporating a heat map, to show where deliveries are currently being made and identifying opportunities for customers to serve new markets nearby;
  • Mapped vehicle management data relating to collection and deliveries at depot level to enhance traffic planning and vehicle utilisation;
  • Live vehicle status screens to check upon the location and delivery of all consignments and to proactively manage consignments at risk if there are any delivery issues.
  • Full tracked details of consignments arriving at the hubs on trunk vehicles across the whole network to effectively and efficiently manage in-bound traffic.

Palletways’ customers and depots also benefit from a live consignment overview for the complete supply chain, including what’s been delivered at the company’s hub facilities in Lichfield, London and Livingston, as well as the consignments that have departed the hub and depots for final delivery. 

Palletways has also launched a new mobile App for use by its members, which will enable access to the data when on the move and PODs to be generated electronically regardless of cellular coverage. It will also enable scanning of PODs on delivery and upon collection of goods from the customer. 

The App will soon have new functions to allow label printing on the customer site with the aid of a mobile printer and also digital signature capture which will remove the need for the scanning of delivery notes within the depot, further streamlining the process. 

Luis Zubialde said: “This represents the most significant investment and game-changing development in the Group’s history and within the pallet network sector as a whole. 

"We are taking big data into the pallet network sector. Information is power and our Digital Information Hub provides instant access to data and total transparency across our operations and commercial landscape for the benefit of our members and our customers.

“The live data will provide greater operational efficiencies by reducing downtime on telephone calls, increasing vehicle utilisation and enhancing traffic management. 

"It will also take customer service to even higher levels by speeding up the resolution of any delivery issues to ensure deliveries on time, providing real time visibility of consignments being transported through our network and presenting new business opportunities for users of our services based on their current distribution profiles.

“Above all, it is a key part of our strategy to offer the best value in the pallet network sector and in doing so continue to lead the market for years to come.”

For more on this, read the December edition of SHD Logistics magazine, available for free download on the SHD Logistics App, or posted to qualifying individuals on 1st December.

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