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Pall-Ex launches Benelux network

Pall-Ex launches Benelux network

Pall-Ex Group has made further in-roads into Europe by announcing plans to launch a new network in Benelux.
The European palletised freight specialist will commence operations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg by early 2016.
As the drive to recruit haulier members to Pall-Ex’s latest partner network begins, plans are in place to position the Pall-Ex Benelux hub in Belgium to ensure 100% coverage from the day of launch.
“We already have successful networks active in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy and France,” commented Kevin Buchanan, managing director of Pall-Ex Group. “The Pall-Ex Benelux hub will be less than 300km away from London, Paris and Amsterdam, providing another vital link in the heart of mainland Europe, as well as a key hub to efficiently handle Pall-Ex’s rapidly growing cross-border freight volumes.
“Location, transport links and the presence of many large blue-chip companies means that the logistics sector throughout Benelux is already well developed. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy road to sustained success for hauliers in the region. The sector in Belgium, for example, is undergoing a period of rationalisation, costs are unpredictable and a number of haulage firms are being forced into the red.
“Our new partners in the region have extensive domestic knowledge and we’re confident that our model can offer a viable solution to these increasing problems. With members collecting and delivering freight via our central hub, as well as access to Pall-Ex’s growing continental network, geographical coverage for members is dramatically increased. Membership of Pall-Ex’s leading shared-user network means journeys also become more efficient in terms of cost and environmental impact, while prices and services become more consistent for the end customer.
“It’s clear that hauliers across Benelux would benefit from the opportunity to strengthen operations with a strong core of collaborative solutions. Based on an already well-established partnership model, Pall-Ex Benelux is well placed to become the network of choice across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It represents another major milestone in our pan-European development.”
Pall-Ex’s cross-border freight volumes are growing at a rate of 189% year-on-year. For ten years, it has provided complete express continental coverage on behalf of its members and customers. Its unique policy of appointing quality national partners, located in strategic European territories, means that Pall-Ex boasts the competitive advantage of dedicated domestic as well as international market expertise.
As part of the newly unveiled plans, Pall-Ex Benelux will officially launch in the first quarter of 2016, with an anticipated initial membership of 10 hauliers, offering complete express coverage of the region.

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