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Pall-Ex accelerates European expansion drive with launch in Poland

Pall-Ex accelerates European expansion drive with launch in Poland

Pall-Ex has moved its European expansion up a gear with the successful launch of its Polish Network. The launch sees Pall-Ex operating eight ‘first and last mile’ networks across Europe.

Poland is a growing market and offers significant freight development opportunities. The launch of Pall-Ex, with its proven expansion strategy, market-leading knowledge, wealth of experience and support, gives local independent hauliers the opportunity to build their business across country, and internationally.

PKS Oliwa Gdańsk was selected for the partnership after being identified as representing the entrepreneurial prowess and strength of a Pall-Ex partner, having operated in Poland for over 50 years and employing a workforce of over 230.

Together with Axell Logistics, a Benelux-based logistics business with key distribution operations in Poland for over 20 years, the partnership brings together experienced teams with a depth of local and industry knowledge.

Marta Slodnik, Business Development Director, PKS Gdansk-Oliwa, comments: “Over the years PKS Gdansk-Oliwa has been seen as a domestic and European full load transport operator in the market. Watching the market change, we were searching out for the possibility to grow into the expanding LTL sector and complete our service portfolio. Partnership with Pall-Ex has given us the opportunity to build a strong and healthy network, driven by quality and brand reputation.”

Marc Fremouw, CEO, Axell Group, comments: “The Axell Group delivers comprehensive logistic solutions to our customers and strongly believes that pallet distribution is something that should be part of our service offering. Pall-Ex offers a solution based on cooperation, quality and flexibility that fits our way of working. Working together with the other shareholders and all the members towards one common service is very exciting. Especially in the Polish market where the opportunities for development are tremendous.”

As well as expanding the hub-and-spoke operational model within Poland, the expansion will further drive Pall-Ex forward in Europe, as it seeks to revolutionise the ‘Less Than Truckload’ (LTL) sector across the continent as a whole.

The move comes following the successful launch of Pall-Ex’s operations in Bulgaria earlier this year, while additional European partners are due to go live at the end of 2017.

Anand Assi, international development director for Pall-Ex, comments: “Poland is a key market for Pall-Ex, as we see it as one of the key future logistical cross roads of Europe. The economic wealth is increasing alongside a growing service sector; this all contributes to the ground swell for a robust and quality-driven first and last mile LTL distribution network. Through coupling this developing market situation with Pall-Ex's burgeoning international network, it creates a perfect opportunity to finalise our Polish expansion.
“We have over 425 members, and growing, across Europe and an increasing number of networks being launched. We are slowly, yet surely, expanding successfully across Europe and are close to concluding our 10-year strategy, with final territories being assigned over the foreseeable future”

Pall-Ex Group was formed by renowned entrepreneur Hilary Devey CBE in 1996 and is an award-winning network of quality hauliers, which collaborate to deliver leading palletised freight distribution services throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. With its headquarters and central UK hub located right at the heart of the Midlands in Ellistown, Pall-Ex has grown phenomenally since its inception in 1996. Earlier this year it was named Team of the Year at the Motor Transport Awards.

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