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Optilogistic completes merger with Maplink

Optilogistic completes merger with Maplink

Following the announcement in late 2016 that Optilogistic, a specialist in planning and optimisation solutions for logistics, and Maplink, a leader in geolocation and logistics solutions in Latin America, would merge, Optilogistic will now officially be known as Maplink.

The two companies took the decision to combine their technologies and business expertise in order to accelerate their growth and develop a next-generation cloud logistics platform. The objective of the merger is to meet the needs of both the traditional B2B logistics market and also of new markets, particularly those relating to e-commerce and the complexity of delivering directly to consumers.

“One of the main changes we’ve seen in the logistics industry is a move away from the “push” model towards a demand-driven supply chain. This is a fundamental shift, making it essential for businesses to be able to address the problems relating to the greater complexity of B2C deliveries,” commented Frederico Hohagen, CEO of Maplink.

“This challenge which will affect all markets in future, including the traditional logistics sector. The expectations of consumers when it comes to delivery, omnichannel and digitalisation are driving the creation of new solutions. By joining together the technologies of Maplink and Optilogistic, we will develop a platform which will make logistics more efficient, no matter what level of complexity or volume we are managing.”

Sustained growth and financial stability

Maplink currently has 7 offices in 6 countries and employs more than 100 members of staff. The business has enjoyed strong growth in Latin America and Europe, with particularly rapid development in France. The French team – which has a presence in Angers as well as in Paris, grew from 28 to 41 employees between September 2016 and June 2017, and is expected to reach 50 by the end of the financial year (end of March 2018).

The team has also been strengthened by the recent appointment of Vincent Maenhaut to the post of operations director, bringing more than 25 years’ experience in the transport optimisation technologies industry. Maplink France, which is also the company’s European head office, will move to brand new premises in the business district of Angers.

With its annual turnover growing at a steady rate of around 45% over the past 3 years, Maplink has seen its revenue triple since 2015. The company now has more than 1200 customers across 19 countries.

“The excellence of our teams and our solutions, as well as the trust of our customers and the loyalty of our investors, mean that Maplink is in the perfect position to accelerate its expansion,” commented Yvonnick Boivin, President of Optilogistic.

“Europe is a very important region for us, and now generates higher revenues than Brazil, our traditional home. We will therefore continue to invest in and strengthen our presence here, in close collaboration with Maplink’s French team and its directors.”

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