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Opinion: Take ownership of your own closed loop of plastic pallets

Opinion: Take ownership of your own closed loop of plastic pallets

Paying constantly increasing prices, buying or renting wooden pallets makes little financial sense; particularly when there is a more attractive alternative.

By using plastic pallets in your own closed loop, you can reduce the costs and aggravation associated with wooden pallets and wooden pallet rental, says Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of

Jim says: “Although pallet pool ownership is not a new concept, many large companies and their suppliers are still repeatedly buying or renting wooden pallets, where they could make significant savings by switching to plastic.

“In fact, we’re seeing more and more customers starting to actively cultivate an income from purchasing their own plastic pallets and using them within a closed loop scenario.

 “The slightly lower outlay with wooden pallets may appeal initially, but by switching to plastic pallets you are investing in your own, long-term asset that in less than 12 months will pay back dividends.”

Here are some of the benefits that come with owning and managing your own plastic pallets:

- Resilience – plastic pallets are hugely resilient and can be used repeatedly for often 10 years or longer, without the need for costly repairs or replacement.
- Hygienic – as plastic pallets are water-resistant and impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis, they can be repeatedly washed to remove airborne dust or spilt products that can accumulate over a period of time.
- Income generator – business owners can generate a revenue stream by renting the plastic pallets they own to suppliers and other partner businesses.
- Protect against loss – many of’s plastic pallets are available in different colours and can be branded with a company name or logo.
Recyclable – has pledged to recover and recycle all of the plastic pallets and boxes it supplies to customers to ensure they are sustainably recycled.

One customer that is already reaping the benefits of operating their own internal closed loop of plastic pallets is Menzies Distribution, who last year ordered 4,680 of’s APB 1210 Pool Perforated 5R pallets.

When asked how they were getting on with their new plastic pallets, Andrew Poskitt, Project Manager - Strategic Development, said: “The plastic pallets work seamlessly with our totes – we’ve not had any issues with them. There is also a lot less mess, as there’s no wood chip in and around the operation. As the plastic pallets have a long life span, we hope to be still using them in five, maybe even 10 years’ time.”

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