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Opinion: Packing it in

Opinion: Packing it in

Dexion has been providing storage solutions for decades. They work with companies and organisations of every size and in virtually every industry- from pharmaceuticals to fish processing, tyre suppliers to e-tailers. Whilst each customer has their own specific requirements that are unique to their products, there is one requirement that everyone has: more space.

Feeling the squeeze?

There are a number of ways of getting more space. Building a new warehouse or adding an extension to your existing building is the first thing that crosses most people’s minds, but not only can the cost be prohibitive, in many cases, it’s entirely unnecessary. Using the products available today, many of which have been developed by Dexion in consultation with its customers, the same result can be achieved without increasing your footprint or breaking the bank. So what do customers do to get what they want?

We asked Dexion for a list of their most popular products and solutions. The following all represent space-saving solutions that are now helping customers all over Europe and beyond to get more for less.

Standard Pallet Racking

You may be wondering why we’ve included pallet racking here as it’s the industry staple. The reason is that this tried and tested form of storage now offers a range of solutions that can be configured in a variety of different ways to provide optimal storage whatever the industry.

From Drive-in Racking or Mobile Racking (MOVO) for frozen and cold-store goods; to First-in, First-out (FIFO) Pallet-flow systems for bulk goods such as those with a "best before date".

Multi-tier Pallet Racking

This type of pallet racking structure creates a number of levels and walkways for storing and collecting goods – everything from cartons and boxes, to garment storage on hangers.

Multi-tier structures can either be installed directly from the floor or alternatively on top of a specially designed mezzanine structure – allowing for a multi-functional storage area below.

Mobile Pallet Racking (MOVO)

MOVO helps to reduce costs for a new building and better-utilises existing warehouse storage space. It maximises floor space as only one operating aisle is needed at any one time. It increases storage capacity by up to 80% and saves 40% of the space required by conventional pallet racking.

Mobile Shelving

Hi280 shelving with mobile bases offers the optimal compact storage solution.  It can be used for small-parts handling and archive storage and is very secure, as it can be locked together with codes, preventing unauthorised access.


Mezzanines provide a cost-efficient way to create extra floor space in your existing buildings. Simple and light, yet highly effective, you can combine the uprights and beams to form heavy duty, multi-functional structures.

The system includes high-quality stairways, strong railings and three different kinds of pallet gates to suit even the most complex of warehousing or storage requirements. Totally demountable and reusable, it's a far more economical solution compared to concrete constructs.

Customers who are ready to add some automation to their operation have even more choice.

Paternoster Vertical Carousel

This is a semi-automated system that provides height efficient storage space and is perfect for storing items within a restricted footprint.  By allowing the batch-picking of items stored, the Paternoster is capable of decreasing picking times by up to 60%.

Tornado Lift System

This state-of-the-art TORNADO Lift System reduces picking times and minimises errors, while increasing storage capacity and improving operator workflow.  Simple to use, configure and maintain, the Tornado will easily integrate with most warehouse management systems. Providing safe and secure handling of the small parts and items in your warehouse, the Tornado can increase storage capacity and decrease footprint by 70%.

Storage Machines and WMS

Semi-automated Storage Machines such as the Paternoster and Tornado can significantly improve the efficiency of your product storage and picking.

- Easily integrate with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS)
- Usable as a standalone system
- Customised to your site's operating environment
- Save up to 70% on your existing floor space
- Reduce picking errors by 70%
- Decrease picking times by more than 60%

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