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Opinion: Five Hidden Benefits of Health & Safety

Opinion: Five Hidden Benefits of Health & Safety

While most progressive businesses understand the immediate benefits of implementing good health and safety inside their facilities, some may not be aware that the benefits go way beyond simply protecting employees from accidents.

McCue, a global provider of flexible safety barriers and experts in solving the safety needs of customers in the UK and around the world, have revealed five health and safety benefits that might not be immediately obvious.

1. The ROI is reliably strong:

Various extensive studies show for every £1 invested in injury prevention, companies can expect a return of between £2 and £5.

2. Protect employees, protect your bottom line:

The average compensation claim from an employee that has been hit by a workplace vehicle is around £50,000 – deaths are around £1m. Keep your workers and your vehicles segregated and you keep your money in your pocket.

3. Safety equals organisation equals productivity:

The links between safety and improved productivity are many, from keeping trained staff healthy to using barriers to streamline the overall layout of a facility.

4. Insurance premiums kept low:

Something there is no escape from is insurance. Reducing or eliminating accidents will keep your premiums low and manageable.

5. Keeping the workforce motivated:

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Staff morale and, therefore, productivity, soars when employees know they are protected and valued.

Director of McCue UK, Emma Panter said: "While it’s true that some facility managers don’t understand all the benefits that health and safety can bring, most companies these days understand some of the long-term benefits. McCue solve customer safety issues on a daily basis and we see the benefits every day. In fact, some of our key products, such as the new FlexCore Guard Rail, have developed from solving a customer’s safety issue. At McCue health and safety is very much a collaborative process, working closely with our customers and addressing their individual needs."

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