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One in five decision makers admit their staff feel more like drivers than engineers

One in five decision makers admit their staff feel more like drivers than engineers

One in five decision makers admit their staff tend to feel more like drivers than engineers, according to recent figures collected by provider of nationwide secure locker network, BT Final Mile.

The survey, which was completed ahead of the business’ inaugural Field Engineering Forum in June, was conducted by leading research and strategy consultancy Populus who found that on average, engineers spend up to five hours a week picking up parts. However, with the report finding that less than seven in ten decision makers claim to know how long their engineers spend per week collecting spare parts, that average could be even higher.

Dave Hughes (CMILT), Head of Solutions and Onboarding at BT Final Mile, commented on the results of the survey, “Statistics show that currently, senior decision makers mostly have parts delivered to customer sites or make use of PUDO/Depot collect.

“By using the lockers instead as intermediary stock locations, which currently only 16 per cent do, businesses can drive efficiencies throughout their supply chain, allowing them to serve their customers more rapidly, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty – and importantly helping engineers feel more like engineers and less like drivers!”

BT’s Final Mile service is a nationwide network of secure lockers which are enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). By having the option to position a locker within the grounds of its 5,000 strategic sites around the country, BT can help organisations with large field engineering teams become more efficient, by reducing the distances engineers need to travel to collect essential equipment and spare parts.

By reducing the amount of time engineers spend on the road, Final Mile also helps organisations to reduce their fuel costs and total carbon emissions, creating greener, more sustainable businesses.

With the survey results showing that around two in three businesses are currently investing in new technology to improve the supply chain, demand for solutions such as BT’s Final Mile locker service are set to rise.

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