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O’Donovan trials sheeting system to protect vulnerable road users

O’Donovan trials sheeting system to protect vulnerable road users

O’Donovan Waste Disposal, one of London’s leading construction and demolition waste management companies, is trialling a new remote control sheeting system designed specifically with vulnerable road users in mind.

O’Donovan has worked closely with Transcover, the sheeting system manufacturers, who have designed and installed their UnderCover sheeting system to an O’Donovan Waste hookloader as part of a drive to consider cyclists and other vulnerable road users on the capital’s narrow roads.

The UnderCover system sits neatly under the body when the vehicle is both covered and uncovered, meaning there is no additional width to the vehicle during travelling, a problem that often emerges with other vehicle sheeting systems.

The system’s stowed position is ideal for narrow or congested roads where cyclists or pedestrians may be at risk, as it keeps the width of the vehicle at 255cm and keeps the structure of the sheeting arms tucked neatly underneath the container.

This innovation has been designed with community safety in mind, allowing the safe covering of loads from ground level while continuing to focus on the safety of other road users.

On the trial, O’Donovan Waste Logistics Supervisor, Paul Neal, said: “The UnderCover sheeting system is an important step towards our long-term goal of improving London’s roads for both vulnerable road users and our own drivers, who are faced with the challenging task of navigating vehicles on London’s increasingly narrow roads.

“Other sheeting systems can obscure the drivers views down the side of the vehicle when using their mirrors, yet the storage of the arms in this new design allows the driver to see everything down the sides of the container. We’re excited to be trialling the system and believe it will prove a very worthwhile investment.”

Managing Director, Jacqueline O’Donovan said: “The safety of road users is an issue of paramount importance to me personally and the business, in terms of where we invest our money and the time we dedicate to training and promoting best practice. We are striving for a safer London where cyclists, pedestrians and HGVs can co-exist on the road.

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