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O’Donovan reduces noise levels by 20% with skip chain covers

O’Donovan reduces noise levels by 20% with skip chain covers

New approach to skip transfers will satisfy customers and keep local residents happy.

O’Donovan Waste Disposal, one of London’s leading construction and demolition waste management companies, has introduced skip chain covers to its fleet of skip lorries, resulting in an impressive 20 per cent decibel reduction in noise levels.

Known for being an industry leader in innovation, O’Donovan is conscious of respecting the local community and has thus addressed a common challenge for hauliers across London to keep journeys quieter.

A regular skip lorry creates, on average, noise levels reaching 85db, while the same vehicle with chain covers – made from woven canvas – has been recorded at just 65db, from 2m away.

O’Donovan delivers and retrieves skips each day as part of its services, and while local council restrictions pose significant challenges, O’Donovan is committed to ensuring deliveries are as unobtrusive as possible.

Introduced by MD Jacqueline O’Donovan at TfL’s Retiming Deliveries Work Group, the company is rolling out the simple, cost-effective solution across all its skip lorries to keep customers satisfied and residents happy.

On the innovation, Jacqueline O’Donovan, commented: “While it’s vital that we maintain our exceptional customer service levels, respecting the local community remains a priority for us. We are conscious that noise levels can disrupt local communities and we believe this is a great solution for all parties.”

Gloria Elliott, CEO, Noise Abatement Society, said: “Skip removal can have one of the noisiest environmental impacts on the community – so it is really heartening to see O’Donovan’s waste company introducing a measure to reduce the loud and intrusive noise of clanging metal skip chains.

“The Noise Abatement Society congratulates O’Donovan’s for taking responsible measures to improve the aural environment, a shining example for other waste companies to emulate”.

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