Non-structural tensioned fabric partition wall helps control dust, temperature, odour and more

June 11, 2019 by Rhianna Kettle
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Non-structural tensioned fabric partition wall helps control dust, temperature, odour and more

In the last two years alone, Westgate’s Flexiwall solution has been used by over 200 companies, helping them control dust, temperature, odour, cross contamination and more.

Here are some example projects:

Temperature control

Allied Glass created a temperature-controlled environment for the necessary curing involved in their production processes.

Odour and tainting control

IMHX 2019

Great Bear needed to segregate two storage areas in order to manage temperatures but also prevent tainting between products; one storage area which would store chocolate and the other soup liquids and powders.

Dust prevention

Halcion Express segregated a new loading bay, firstly controlling dust ingress to the warehouse and secondly to control the overall temperature of the segregated space. 

Segregate storage from production for BRC

Lightweight Containers needed to segregate two areas, one for production and the other for storage, helping them achieve a required BRC accreditation.

Enclose existing canopy structures

Coveris wanted to create a protected area to store finished goods ready for dispatch. An existing exterior canopy was enclosed using an external Flexiwall solution.

Reduce heat loss and energy consumption

Marshalls manufacturing processes require the use of natural gas to cure products. Flexiwall provided a partition between production and curing areas to reduce heat loss.

Enclose mezzanine floors

Allport Cargo Services had just gained a new contract to store high-quality goods, Flexiwall was used to create an enclosure on the mezzanine floor to provide this space.

Creating a permanent partition

It’s fair to say that Flexiwall fabric partitions can sometimes be seen as a less permanent solution, however, the wall installed over two decades ago at Egbert Taylor Group’s facility is still in place and working well.

If you have a partitioning or segregation requirement, contact us:

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