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No more compromises with WERMA new generation 70mm signal tower

No more compromises with WERMA new generation 70mm signal tower

No more compromises with the new generation of 70mm signal tower 
The Kombisign 72 family is a standard 70mm diameter signal tower. Up to 5 different tiers of lights may be deployed. There are two basic designs to choose from – ClassicLook offers the traditional design whilst DesignLook offers a more contemporary design with attractive, clear light element lenses.

Omniview guarantees all-round visibility

The signal light must always be clearly visible, even in difficult operating conditions. The new Omniview lens gives complete 360° visibility from any position for the Kombisign 72 andon light.  Dead angles and positions become a thing of the past and the light signal is truly visible from any line of sight.

The optical light elements of the signal tower offer greater flexibility to the user as they now combine two functions in just one light element. A simple dip switch inside the lens allows you to switch between a permanent and blinking light with the “TwinLight” version or between a flashing light and highly visible “EVS” stochastic flash with the “TwinFlash” version. This combi-function reduces by half the number of options required by offering the customer a two in one light option.

The external surface of the light element is smooth making it less attractive to dirt and easier to wipe down and clean. SmoothDesign gives you longer lasting visibility.

Adjust the audible alarm to the environment

The user has the choice between a continuous or pulse tone and two loudness options – 95dB or 105dB either selected by a simple dip-switch located in the audible element.

Incorrect assembly impossible

Kombisign 72 is simple and intuitive to put together even in the most difficult positions. The mechanics and connections are self-explanatory and making it virtually impossible to assembly the elements incorrectly.

Future protect with a simple upgrade to include wireless monitoring of machines and workstations

The signal tower can be deployed to signal faults and disruption on a machine or to signal blockages and issues with logistics processes and equipment.  Kombisign 72 can be upgraded to the machine monitoring system SmartMONITOR or to the call for action system AndonSPEED.  These systems use an additional transmitter unit fitted to the existing andon lights to notify changes in status of machine or workstation and can be retrofitted to virtually any piece of equipment irrespective of age or type.  The system packages include transmitter units, receiver and software and are “plug and play” to install.  The call for action system is based on a member of staff manually switching on the andon light in order to signal that assistance is required and thus both systems can make a significant contribution to reducing disruptions to the production processes in manufacturing and logistics.

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