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NHS Supply Chain continues work with NHS Counter Fraud Authority

NHS Supply Chain continues work with NHS Counter Fraud Authority

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) branded NHS Supply Chain trucks asking those that spot them to ‘Help drive down fraud’ will be travelling the lengths of the country as they deliver supplies to NHS trusts and organisations to inform those who suspect fraud how they can report it. The campaign, which is now in its second year, will run until April 2020.

Last year’s campaign (2018-19) was successful in raising awareness of NHS fraud, encouraging those who suspect fraud to report it. The campaign saw the delivery of key messages around NHS fraud, raising awareness and encouraging collaborative working. Various social media campaigns supported the launch of the trucks in an effort to engage and maintain engagement with our audiences and stakeholders.

The campaign will continue to engage with NHS trusts and organisations up and down the country to highlight the need to report suspected fraudulent activities. Five wrapped trucks, which are involved in the campaign, will serve areas including Manchester, London, Kent and Cheshire.

“We are proud to continue to support the NHS Counter Fraud Authority’s campaign to help drive down NHS fraud. Last year the trucks involved travelled nearly 300,000 miles around the country, helping ensure everyone who sees these vehicles will also see this important message,” said James Turpin, Head of Logistics at NHS Supply Chain.

“I am delighted that we are continuing to collaborate with NHS Supply Chain to raise awareness of NHS fraud. The partnership has been very successful so far and it is exciting to have another year with NHS Supply Chain trucks delivering vital resources to NHS organisations and at the same time supporting the fight against fraud”, said Susan Frith, CEO of NHSCFA.

In collaboration with NHS Supply Chain, the NHSCFA will launch a number of campaign initiatives and ideas throughout the year to highlight counter fraud work in the NHS and the continued fight against NHS fraud.

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