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New version of didBOX - special offer until July

New version of didBOX - special offer until July

I.D. Systems, the OEM independent supplier of MHE fleet management solutions, has launched an updated version of its didBOX product, designed as a simple, straightforward and cost-effective system for companies operating smaller fleets of forklifts.

This enhanced version with new features and options such as a new generation of collision sensor will be showcased at the IMHX show in September. But for those wanting to take advantage of this very effective fleet management tool it is already available to order right now. See details below of a special offer valid until the end of July.

The risks of untrained or unauthorised operators having access to forklifts is an ongoing issue that was once again highlighted in a recent tweet from the FLTA.

One of the major advantages of using the didBOX driver identification product is that it enables companies to limit MHE access to approved operators only, thereby reducing the potential risk of serious H&S issues. The recorded data provided by the system includes failed login attempts by unauthorised operators.

The new didBOX shares the hallmarks of its predecessor, being easy and quick to install and intuitive to operate. Its primary function is still to manage Access Control and this modular version can be fitted with a wider range of options such as Safety Acceptance, a three-axis programmable collision sensor and a visual beacon. Its increased IP Rating makes it a very rugged unit which can withstand harsh operational environments.

The ability to record who is driving the machinery promotes more accountable driving practices and ensures that MHE equipment is only operated by suitable trained personnel. The option of adding the new collision sensor to the didBOX provides accurate data for post-investigational work. The intelligent three-axis programmable sensor avoids the recording of false impacts.

“Small fleet operators wanting a low cost but high performance MHE management system need look no further, as the new didBOX is a valuable asset - a simple solution that offers all the functionality they need,” said Ute Filippone, I.D. Systems’ Business Manager EMEA & UK.

“As a special launch offer there will be a discount of 10% on the didBOX Access Control System and the collision sensor on orders received before 1st August 2016. On orders of more than 10 units, a further 5% discount will apply. If you want to take advantage of this special offer we look forward to hearing from you by the end of July.”

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