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New Traigo 48 electric forklift from Toyota is "bursting with energy"

New Traigo 48 electric forklift from Toyota is "bursting with energy"

Toyota Material Handling UK has launched its new Toyota Traigo 48 electric fork lift truck delivering what it describes as class-leading energy efficiency.

Toyota says its new Traigo 48 range is 9% more energy efficient than its next competitor in class and provides the operator with increased productivity while reducing costs, thanks to extended servicing periods.

The new Traigo 48-volt electric forklift comes with improved electric power steering for effortless steering and features force feedback, ensuring accurate driving control at all driving speeds. This truck offers enhanced driver control with full stop-on-ramp and accurate positioning with and without load. Its compact chassis and ergonomic upgrades mean customers can count on a longer operating life, even in the most intensive operations.

The 3-wheel models are available from 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes and are highly manoeuvrable in confined areas. The 4-wheel models, available from 1.6 to 2.0 tonnes, can handle intensive operations in both indoor and outdoor environments and now feature an improved turning circle. These versatile and flexible forklifts can access all areas, delivering an excellent all-round performance for all materials handling applications.

They are also equipped with the unique Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) and Toyota AC motors to enhance productivity while keeping your operator, truck and goods safe.

These models are available with the optional Lithium-ion battery technology which allows for fast opportunity charging at any time. This revolutionary battery management eliminates the need for battery change in multi-shift applications.

Dave Rylance, Counterbalance Product Manager, explains: “Our goal was to exceed our customers’ expectations, and with the Traigo 48 we delivered class-leading productivity through increased performance and lower energy consumption. This truck range is also an important step forward thanks to the offer of Li-ion batteries as a standard option, which reduces the need for battery change in many operations and pre-operational checks, giving operators the option of managing their truck safely and efficiently thanks to Toyota I_Site truck management.”

The new Toyota Traigo 48 will improve your energy efficiency while providing your operation with a more productive fork lift truck.

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