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New Hyster LPG engine benefits indoor users

New Hyster LPG engine benefits indoor users

Hyster has introduced a new engine in its 2-3.5 tonne Fortens range of LPG forklifts, which it says offers high performance for intensive applications, as well as maximum fuel efficiency, low noise, low vibration and outstanding reliability.

The new highly efficient 2.5L Kubota engine brings even greater performance to the H2.0-3.5FT and S2.0-3.5FT models with better operating flexibility through improved engine management control.

“It features similar components to a diesel engine, without using a lot of fuel,” explains David Rowell, Hyster product marketing manager. “It also reduces vibration for operators and noise levels for those working around the lift trucks.”

LPG fork lift trucks are typically used in medium- to heavy-duty indoor logistics and transport operations, storage and distribution centres and busy warehouses, with the space-saving trucks used in warehousing operations with limited space.

Superior low end torque allows the truck to operate at lower engine speeds and the advanced fuel system results in more loads being moved, using less fuel, says Hyster.

Three performance modes are available on the Hyster Fortens 2-3.5t series, which can be selected according to the specific application requirements. HiP (High Performance) is the standard operating mode, and ECO and ECO-eLo (fuel efficiency) modes reduce the maximum engine speed and make the engine’s response less aggressive, resulting in additional fuel savings whilst maintaining a high level of performance.

Trucks are shipped from the Craigavon factory in Northern Ireland already in ECO-eLo mode, which, says Hyster,  makes this one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market.

These upgrades will benefit the increasing number of businesses using LPG trucks indoors where space can be extremely tight, such as in warehouse aisles or loading bays.

The Hyster S-series ‘Space saver’ has an even more compact frame and shorter wheelbase than the standard Fortens LPG model, making it one of the smallest LPG trucks in the market.  

For example, the 2.5 tonne S-series truck is available on a similar chassis to the equivalent 1.8 tonne H-Series model. The smaller diameter banded cushion tyres allow for a smaller frame and more compact dimensions and can lift heavier loads to higher lift heights.

This compact series also delivers the familiar benefits of the standard Fortens range, such as superior ergonomics, low lifetime costs, dependability, all-round visibility and excellent manoeuvrability.

With the Hyster DuraMatch transmission, which manages the truck deceleration and direction changes, brake and tyre life is extended and transmission wear is reduced, contributing to an overall low cost of operation.  Several models are also available with the Advance and Advance+ options offering Throttle Response Management and Auto-Speed Hydraulics.

Load-sensing hydraulics, featured on most models in the series, reduces demand on the system and is highly responsive with a choice of controls available including seat side hydraulic levers or TouchPoint mini-levers.
Operators can also optimise performance of the trucks to suit their individual operation through the Pacesetter VSM industrial onboard computer.  

The VSM also protects the powertrain which is isolated to minimise vibration in the cab, contributing to reduced fatigue for the driver. The noise level for the operator is further reduced when the ECO-eLo mode is selected.

The tough mast featured on the 2-3.5 tonne IC fork lift trucks has also recently been redeveloped to enable maximum fork visibility for the operator, faster cycle times and greater productivity.

Available on most models, oil immersed brakes contribute to reduced maintenance and extended truck dependability with a recommended 500-hour service interval. In addition, the Fortens range is fast to service with easy access to components contributing to the low operating costs and minimised maintenance downtime.
Operations all over the world are supported by a global network of local Hyster distribution partners, offering service and maintenance support, as well as operator and maintenance training.

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