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New Fowler Welch videos highlight grocery supply chain pressures

New Fowler Welch videos highlight grocery supply chain pressures

The economic and consumer trends affecting both ends of the grocery supply chain are highlighted in two new videos from Fowler Welch.

The UK logistics and supply chain specialist has interviewed Jack Ward, chief executive of British Growers, and Clare Nutter, retail analyst of Planet Retail, for its “Industry Insights” YouTube channel, which aims to share industry knowledge and debate on key topics affecting the supply chain.

Nick Hay (pictured), chief executive of Fowler Welch, said: “The two videos showcase the economic pressures affecting UK producers of fruit and vegetables, as well as highlighting how consumer and tech trends are influencing shoppers.”

In his video Jack Ward discusses the opportunities and challenges that are facing UK growers in the changing retail climate. In particular, Jack highlights climate change, the National Living Wage, retailer flexibility and the influence of the Grocery Code Adjudicator, as exerting additional pressure on the horticulture sector.

Speaking in the video, Jack Ward said: “Currently there are many factors that are affecting the horticulture sector but with greater cooperation throughout the grocery supply chain UK producers can benefit immensely.”

In the second video Clare Nutter talks in-depth about the rise of tech-savvy consumers, the growth of mobile technology and how these factors are becoming more influential in the retail sector. The video also touches on consumer shopping habits using Planet Retail’s global quarterly shopper data, Shopology.

Clare Nutter said: “Tech-savvy consumers are becoming more influential and as technology develops further the grocery supply chain will change dramatically. It is imperative that all businesses involved in the supply chain have the capability to react to the volatile market.”

Hay added: “For businesses looking to react to the changing and growing demands of a volatile market, the newly launched videos provide expert sector advice that could really help them to respond and drive profits.”

Both videos build of the previously launched interviews which are all available to view on Fowler Welch’s Industry Insights YouTube channel at


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