Monster’s new services for logisticians outperform traditional online jobs

October 02, 2018 by Rhianna Kettle
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Monster’s new services for logisticians outperform traditional online jobs

Monster have identified the key challenges currently facing Logistics recruitment: 

  • 77% of Haulage firms struggled to fill positions in 2017
  • In 2018, e-commerce is driving a 45% increase in vacancies in 2018
  • The struggle to find skilled employees is the most common concern of UK businesses. 

These unfilled vacancies cost time and money – but with the UK at full employment, and available EU labour still falling, the logistics industry is facing a recruitment crisis. You don’t need to manage a Supply chain to understand the Supply & Demand problem– without  candidates available for the vacancies we have, hiring competition, time and costs are all rising.  

As the industry in the UK can’t fill vacancies from the small pool of candidates actively looking for work, they need to be filled from the larger passive market. That poses two problems: 

  • How do you reach skilled, passive candidates when they aren’t searching for jobs?
  • How do you manage the extra time, cost and effort of passive hiring

IMHX 2019

Monster has introduced two solutions that are already having an impact for Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain hiring. 

Monster’s Power Job Ads more than TRIPLE response to logistics jobs by targeting passive talent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and hundreds of other sites. Monster Talent Consulting gives you a helping hand, from writing effective adverts to sourcing & screening of qualified candidates for you. 

Monster’s new UKIE Marketing Director Louise Goodman said:

 “Monster’s unique Power Job Ad dramatically increases response to roles by targeting hard-to-reach passive candidates. These are quality candidates who are, generally, not actively looking for work on other job boards but are open to the right offer. This benefits all categories but we are seeing particularly good results in Logistics and Manufacturing. Monster Talent Consulting is a tailored approach of solutions that are supporting businesses under pressure – especially where the ‘recruiter’ may actually have a number of roles and not be free to work the additional recruiting hours this market requires. 

Combined with our new marketing strategy and increased investment for Logistics and Manufacturing bringing candidates to our desktop and mobile sites, we are delighted to see these results for our customers in a sector that faces many challenges, especially at this time of year. If you are recruiting in Logistics, Manufacturing, or a connected sector, and struggling to fill roles we would be happy to discuss how our new technology and solutions can complement your existing processes.

Whether you need to find HGV drivers, Supply-Chain Managers or Warehouse Operatives, Monster builds cost-effective logistics recruitment packages that work.

Click Here to enquire, email or call us now on 0800 169 5015


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