Microlise becomes Transaid corporate member

May 20, 2015 by Peter MacLeod
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Microlise becomes Transaid corporate member

Telematics solutions provider Microlise has signed up as a corporate member of Transaid, becoming the first telematics specialist to lend its support to the international transport development charity.

The announcement was made at today’s (Wednesday 20th May) Microlise Transport Conference, held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, before an audience of 1,000 senior industry executives. Microlise used the event to give Transaid CEO Gary Forster an opportunity to address the delegates, at what is the largest road transport conference held in the UK to date.

Attendees heard how Microlise will use its telematics and transport management expertise to support Transaid projects, with its staff also participating in key fundraising activities.

Addressing the conference, Forster said: “Having Microlise on board is an exciting development for Transaid. Our corporate members play a major role in supporting our projects, and we now have telematics expertise within our mix for the first time.

“Even in the developing world, telematics can play a vital role in helping organisations to monitor the location and status of their transport assets. We’re looking forward to working with Microlise over the coming years and putting their expertise to best use.”

Nadeem Raza (pictured), CEO of Microlise, said: “Transaid is a great organisation that carries out essential work within the developing world. Everyone at Microlise is excited about the role we can play and looking forward to getting firmly involved over the coming months.”

Commenting on the importance of Transaid’s work, he added: “A lack of transport infrastructure and road safety can have a huge impact on people and is often taken for granted in countries where multiple transport options are readily available. The need for safe fleet operations is vitally important in the developing world, to keep both drivers and other road users safe.”



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