McCue creates barriers for safety success in 2018

January 09, 2018 by David Tran
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McCue creates barriers for safety success in 2018

If being smarter with your cash was on top of your New Year Resolutions list for 2018, here are 5 ways McCue’s armoury of safety products can make your facility more economical…

1. Safety = Speed = Productivity

Ever suffered facility downtime through a workplace accident? It can be financially disastrous for a company. By using flexible safety barriers to better organise your facility and segregate your personnel and equipment from traffic, you are greatly reducing the risk of a cash crippling accident.

2. Dressed to Impress

There’s no better way to impress a client than a sparkling new facility with state-of-the-art equipment. And with McCue’s safety barriers that ‘as-new’ look endures for years to come.

3. Maintenance Minimised

Fed up of repainting old barriers? Sick of rust and unsightly scratches? Hate the floor damage from a ripped-up floor fixing? McCue’s low maintenance plastic barriers flex on impact, absorbing the forces and protecting the floor. Plus, they resist scratches and don’t require any retouching.

4. A Happy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

When a workforce feels protected inside a pleasant, aesthetically-pleasing environment, their productivity increases by 12%. Would an extra 12% look good on your end of year balance sheet?

5. Crash Corners Conquered

Any facility manager knows that corners where vehicles turn are prone to accidents. McCue has the smart solution to protect these problem areas, from Rack End Protectors to Bollards to Deflector Posts.


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