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Maxoptra reports year-on-year growth

Maxoptra reports year-on-year growth

Maxoptra is celebrating year on year growth of more than 50 per cent in the number of users of its cloud-based software in the first half of 2018 when compared to the same period in 2017. Providing an all-in-one solution for optimising transport operations and the customer delivery experience, Maxoptra has seen a huge uplift in the number of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) benefiting from its advanced delivery management and route optimisation functionality. A new version, complete with redesigned user interface and additional features, has also been well received by users wishing to boost service levels and operational efficiency.

The growth of the Maxoptra user base is also being reflected with an expansion of the software specialist’s UK operation. Maxoptra is currently relocating its Brighton headquarters to larger, city centre premises following a recruitment drive that has seen the size of the sales and support teams double in the last 12 months, with further appointments planned.

“2018 has got off to a tremendous start for Maxoptra; we have grown our user base by more than 50 per cent,” commented Business Development Director Stuart Brunger. “However, while in the past the take up of Maxoptra has been driven by a need to manage or reduce costs we are seeing a shift change in the underlying reasons for adopting our solution. Focus is increasing, and rightly so, on the customer service experience, with delivery often being the customer’s only cross over between digital and physical brand presence and customer delivery expectations growing at an unprecedented pace.”

A cloud-based SaaS scheduling platform, Maxoptra can build a delivery schedule in minutes taking into account possible constraints such as vehicle capacity, driver restrictions, customer requirements and delivery preferences. A powerful route optimiser, it gives users the opportunity to improve productivity and achieve tangible savings while a feature rich mobile app ensures the real time flow of business-critical information. Maxoptra is also planning to release a range of new features and functionality in the forthcoming months including advanced ‘pick up & delivery’ planning, a new iOS version of the popular Maxoptra app and a new ‘rate my delivery experience’ option.

“We are constantly upgrading and improving both the ease of use and the functionality of Maxoptra to ensure our users are always at the top of their game in terms of operational efficiency and customer service,” continued Brunger, “and, because Maxoptra is a cloud based subscription service new releases are instantly available to users at no additional charge.”

Maxoptra maximises service & delivery Performance for Axminster tools & machinery

Axminster Tools & Machinery is using Maxoptra’s customer service, delivery management and route planning technology to automate the optimisation and execution of deliveries for its successful mail order business.  With eight stores across England and Wales, including Europe’s largest tool and machinery store, Axminster offers nearly 17,000 stock lines and despatches around 1400 orders a day.  An in-house fleet of commercial vehicles is used for heavy or bulky orders, within mainland UK.

“With orders being received from any one of our 215,000 customers, our logistics and transport operation is fast moving, complex and challenging,” commented Richard Payne, Transport Manager. “In addition to fulfilling delivery of our own orders we also offer, through our logistics arm, a commercial delivery service using our in house fleet and carefully selected carrier partners. Technology is fundamental to our success.”

The decision to implement the cloud based Maxoptra solution was taken to primarily boost customer service. “Maxoptra gave us an easy to implement, easy to use solution that addressed our needs from the moment an order is placed to the point when the truck pulls away having successfully completed a delivery,” continued Payne.

“Maxoptra integrates with existing software and working practices. It allows us to plan schedules and routes to ensure efficiency and economy. We can also monitor performance, update and adjust plans if necessary and report, both in real time and retrospectively.”

A cloud-based SaaS scheduling platform, Maxoptra can build a delivery schedule in a matter of minutes taking into account possible constraints such as vehicle capacity, driver restrictions and customer requirements. A powerful route optimiser, it gives users the opportunity to improve productivity and achieve tangible savings while a feature rich mobile app ensures the real time flow of business-critical information, including adjustments to the planned schedule, proof of delivery inc. photographs and customer signatures, and automatic ETA notifications.

The Axminster warehouse, based in south west England, handles 240 containers per year. With 3,500 pallet locations, pickers can travel up to 7 miles on a busy day despatching 1,400 orders on average. Orders placed by 16:00 hours are usually sent out the same day with smaller packages sent via Royal Mail. Larger machines are delivered using Axminster’s bespoke service which can include off loading and install assistance. Axminster’s dedicated customer service team provide professional support to customers in the areas of delivery information, faults, problems and product returns.

Maxoptra Dynamic delivery software floors competition for Connection Retail

Flooring retailer Connection Retail, is paving the way for further national expansion following the implementation of Maxoptra dynamic delivery management and route planning software. The north-east based retailer, parent to brands Flooring Superstore, Grass Direct and Direct Wood Flooring, has already realised significant operational efficiencies, reduced mileage, saved costs and enhanced their customers’ experience since implementing the cloud based solution.

Starting out five years ago as an online only retailer, Connection Retail opened six Flooring Super Stores in 2017 with a further nine new stores planned for 2018. This high street and retail park expansion has been supported with the addition of extra warehouse capacity, strategically located nationwide distribution centres and additional vehicles for its own transport network. Following a record turnover of 23.5 million pounds in its latest accounts, Connection Retail is aiming for revenues of 30 million this year growing to 35 million in 2019.

“Delivery is a significant part of our business and plays a crucial role in our customer experience,” commented Craig Richards, Transport Manager at Connection Retail. “With the help of Maxoptra we now have the capacity to fulfil deliveries within two working days to any mainland UK postcode. We can identify issues immediately, improve route efficiency and influence a positive customer experience.”

Operating an extensive in-house fleet consisting of two HGV Class 1 vehicles, nine 10 Tonne Rigid trucks and thirty Sprinter vans, Connection Retail makes between 400 and 600 deliveries every day. Using Maxoptra, Connection Retail builds complex delivery schedules in a matter of minutes taking into account both logistical factors such as vehicle capacity as well as customer delivery requirements. Complex route planning algorithms within Maxoptra have already contributed to a reduction in mileage and therefore operating costs and environmental impact.

Maxoptra, integrated with the company’s warehouse, transport and customer service departments, has also helped improve the efficiency of picking and allocating for despatch processes, especially when changes have been made to an order or route. Connection Retail also uses the Maxoptra app to track deliveries, in real time, and deliver live updates to customers via text and tracking codes for full traceability.

“Working with Maxoptra has been a great experience form initial contact right through to the fast response of the support team,” conclude Richards. “The ability to build custom programmes has allowed us to tailor the software to our exacting business needs and the flexibility and scalability of Maxoptra has given us total control of deliveries.”

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