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Maxoptra applies surgical precision to delivery of instrument management services

Maxoptra applies surgical precision to delivery of instrument management services

Maxoptra is helping a surgical instrument specialist boost the efficiency of its delivery service through more effective routing and scheduling. Specialising in the repairs of surgical instruments and devices, the company services more than 300 NHS hospitals and other clinical providers nationwide.

From its UK based facility, the company offers a range of service level agreements, including 24, 48 and 72 hour repairs, as well as loan devices and a reactive pick-up and delivery programme. Using Maxoptra, the company has predicted a 10 percent reduction in mileage, coupled with a 10 percent boost in efficiency across its mobile operation. Further improvements are also expected with the planned integration of TomTom Telematics devices, supplied by AES Auto Electrical Services.

“We have a large number of client sites across the UK, and you can never predict when an instrument or device will fail and how quickly it will be needed again,” commented Jonathan Marsh, Integration Project Manager. “Prior to the introduction of Maxoptra our team of highly trained representatives managed the visit schedule themselves. When we sat down and mapped our client sites, visits and routes taken, we discovered there was a lot of overlap.”

Using Maxoptra the company has undertaken a series of exercises to create operating regions for each representative. By optimising historic schedules, Maxoptra has identified possible geographical divides which are being reviewed and tested as the system is rolled out in the forthcoming months.

“By comparing actual routes with the Maxoptra optimised routes, we estimate we can save around 10 percent on our annual mileages by introducing new operating regions,” continued Marsh. “This equates to a significant cost saving, both in fuel and maintenance costs, as well as reducing our impact on the environment. We also believe we can boost the productivity of each representative by around the same 10 percent figure. This will help us potentially expand our customer base and improve our customer service.”

Founded in 1981, the company specialises in the repair of rigid endoscopes and stainless steel surgical instruments. The company is now part of an international provider of healthcare and life science services, following its recent acquisition and rebranding. Providing Instrument Management Services across the UK, the company specialises in the repair and supply of surgical devices and instruments. The company also has a sister operation that provides outsourced sterilisation services.

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