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Marshall Fleet Solutions replaces refrigeration gas on R404A units

Marshall Fleet Solutions replaces refrigeration gas on R404A units

Marshall Fleet Solutions has announced that it is to offer to replace, where necessary, all R404A refrigeration gas with the newly developed R452A refrigeration gas, for those existing customers currently running Thermo King transport refrigeration units running on R404A.

The changes were made in response to the latest F-Gas regulations. Announcing details of its R404A update programme, Marshall Fleet Solutions managing director George Ralph explained: “The new F-Gas regulations have brought about the need for Thermo King and us to change our refrigerant usage policy. TK now has introduced R452A refrigerant into all its new fridge units as a result of the progressive phase-out of HFC refrigerants such as R404A. In turn, the changes in these regulations have subsequently resulted in an availability shortfall of R404A, which is likely to continue, and regular price increases.”

He continued: “Fully aware of our environmental responsibilities and as part of our company-wide Environmental Policy, we have decided to offer R452A as a direct replacement drop in conversion on existing customer TK units.  The critical phase out date of 2020 is fast approaching and the increasing likelihood of heavily increased purchase costs of R404A, notwithstanding its decreasing availability, makes this policy change inevitable, which is why we are now working closely with our customers to provide them with an R404A alternative.”

The MFS conversion to R452A is a relatively straightforward conversion to the TK fridge unit, supported by Thermo King technologies and procedures, and offered through the F-Gas compliant nationwide MFS service network. According to Marshall Fleet Solutions, the conversion could be carried out in conjunction with scheduled services and/or refrigerant leak and/or checks.

“The new gas has a much reduced GWP (Global Warming Potential) and the old gas will be disposed of in line with current regulations. We would urge all our customers to contact us for a more detailed explanation and understanding of the proposed conversion programme,” commented Ralph.

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