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MAN partners with Microlise to launch next-generation telematics solution

MAN partners with Microlise to launch next-generation telematics solution

MAN Truck & Bus has announced that it is to launch a next-generation telematics solution, based on the Microlise platform, for customers in the Middle East and Africa.

Microlise and MAN Truck & Bus already have a long-standing partnership in the UK which is now being expanded to the Middle East under the new brand name MAN EcoStyle.

MAN EcoStyle has been designed to help transport operators to improve driving standards, reduce vehicle wear and tear, enhance safety levels and improve vehicle health, as well as reduce overall operating costs, emissions and fuel usage.

“Having worked with Microlise for many years in the UK we know that their solutions deliver what our customers are looking for,” said Dr Richard Brown, MAN Head of Product Management, Middle East and Africa. “Traffic operators in the Middle East and Africa have a specific set of needs and the new EcoStyle solutions will deliver tangible benefits when it comes to maintenance costs and improving driving standards.”

Microlise is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner for MAN in the UK where every new truck is delivered with telematics hardware on-board as standard. The same is planned in the Middle East, with customers choosing the level of telematics service they would like to receive at the point of sale. 

“The Middle East market is quite different from that in Europe with less compliance regulation at present, though there is the potential for this to change in the coming years,” said Paul Jurevicius, Microlise Head of Global Channel. “There is also a greater emphasis on improving driving standards by deploying vehicle telematics to increase the longevity of tyres and other vehicle components; rather than having fuel reduction as the primary goal. Out telematics solution provides the information to address these requirements and more.”

MAN EcoStyle is based on the Microlise Fleet Performance product which will provide the tools to help monitor and motivate drivers, understand where vehicles are through real-time vehicle tracking, what they have been doing, how much they are being used, how economically and safely they are being driven and to know that they are secure.

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