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Major contract for collision avoidance system, award and new sales director for ELOKON

Major contract for collision avoidance system, award and new sales director for ELOKON

ELOKON, the developer and supplier of safety and assistance systems for industrial vehicles, AGVs and cobots is celebrating further success for its ELOprotect product which provides mobile personnel protection and collision avoidance in VNA operations. In the last few weeks it secured a major contract to supply 38 ELOprotect systems with a vehicle-to-vehicle anticollision add-on to a major e-commerce retailer of home goods. The ELOKON Group also received yet another major award which recognised its contribution to accident prevention and enhanced safety in the warehouse.

ELOprotect beat a strong line of contenders to win the Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary Products category at this year’s BITA Design4Safety Awards – the second major UK award that this product has won following the FLTA Safety Award in 2018. This laser-based system monitors danger zones around forklifts and is automatically activated when a truck enters the narrow aisle. If it detects persons, other forklifts or obstacles it emits visual and acoustic warnings to pedestrians and drivers and automatically brings the vehicle to a standstill.

The operation of more than one forklift in a VNA aisle has long been acknowledged as risky and more and more companies are looking to technology to provide a solution to prevent accidents. ELOprotect’s ANTIC anti-collision module does just what it says: fitting the trucks with two laser scanners specifically engineered with a larger detection range enables the simultaneous operation of several trucks in a VNA aisle, preventing collisions between them whilst ensuring continued high throughput of goods in busy warehouses. This module will be installed on the fleet of VNA trucks at the warehouse of the e-commerce retailer to ensure an even higher level of protection for personnel and equipment. See how it works:

Andreas Folz was recently appointed to the newly created role of Sales Director at ELOKON. Andreas brings with him over 20 years of sales and management expertise with global companies and he will also support the strategic development of the ELOKON group of companies. "Andreas Folz has a wealth of expertise in intralogistics solutions and in our target markets," said Alexander Glasmacher, Managing Director of ELOKON Holding. "He will be instrumental in enabling us to consistently pursue our strategy for worldwide growth over the next few years."

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