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LPG forklifts complete Baoli's KB range

LPG forklifts complete Baoli's KB range

Baoli Material Handling Europe has launched its new KBG series of LPG forklifts for the European market. The series provides trucks with load capacities between 1.5t and 3.5t.

The new range shares many components with the diesel models of the KB family, which Baoli has introduced during the last two years. Efficient maintenance of this product range is facilitated by easy access to the components.

The KBG series contains six models of LPG forklifts using just two different footprints. The truck with 2t load capacity stands out due to its compact dimensions, which are the same as of the models for 1.5t and 1.8t. Consequently the KBG20 model is very compact and competitive priced. The wheel base of these trucks measures just 1500mm, the axle centre to fork face 435mm, and the overall width 1177mm.

The KBG forklifts are equipped with the Japanese GCT K21 and K25 engines, which ensure high performance. The design of the overhead guard and the angular counterweight provide good visibility for the operator. The engine hood can be opened to an angle of 90° enabling comfortable access for maintenance.

"The KB product range started two years ago and we see very positive feedback from our distributors, dealers and clients across Europe", says Rory Harvey-Kelly, General Manager of Baoli Material Handling Europe.

“After the diesel and electric forklifts, we now introduce the LPG series of this family into the market. Due to consistency and easy access to the components, all trucks of this product range are easy to maintain and spare parts can be managed efficiently.”

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