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Logistics industry will deliver post-Brexit calm and leadership, says UKWA’s Peter Ward

Logistics industry will deliver post-Brexit calm and leadership, says UKWA’s Peter Ward

The Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA), Peter Ward, has called for the logistics industry to “provide the calm that is needed and that the politicians are so patently failing to provide” following the Brexit vote.

Speaking to an audience of over 400 bosses from some of Britain’s top supply chain businesses and suppliers to the sector at the UKWA Annual Lunch and Awards for Warehousing 2016, which took place last week at London’s Dorchester Hotel, Peter Ward said: “There is such a buzz of excitement in this room today that it’s easy to forget the uncertainty that the industry faces in light of the Brexit vote.

“Many UKWA members trade across Europe and have enjoyed the benefits of ‘logistics sans frontiers’ for 40 years, with goods entering and leaving our country freely.

“It is at times like this that a Trade Association really comes into its own and in the months ahead UKWA will be working to ensure that as new trade agreements are forged, there is no return to red tape and complex customs regulations that prove burdensome and costly for logistics companies.”

He pledged that UKWA will arrange “from the top” ministerial meetings for members to ensure that the industry is included and consulted in Britain’s exit negotiations.

He added: “The long-term implications of Brexit will remain opaque for some time, but the companies in our sector will lead the way when it comes to ensuring that Britain remains open for business.

“Our industry is adept at responding to change and I have every confidence that the many leaders among UKWA’s membership will hold their nerve and plan for the future, to ensure that Britain continues to claims its place on the global platform.”

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