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The Logistics Awards 2018 Safety Award sponsor: Mentor FLT Training

The Logistics Awards 2018 Safety Award sponsor: Mentor FLT Training

Mentor FLT Training has once again been confirmed as sponsor of the Safety Award category at this year’s The Logistics Awards.

In SHD Logistics’ June magazine, Mentor FLT Training managing director Stuart Taylor ponders how, with the evolving economic and political climate and with rapidly advancing technology, will this create new pressures in maintaining safer warehouse operations. Taylor emphasised the need for organisations to prioritise accredited training for staff as a way to prevent serious incidents taking place at the warehouse.

In a thought-provoking editorial, Taylor assesses how these factors will impact on the workforce. “Our industry is heavily reliant on contingency staff and 40% of that seasonal workforce are non-British workers,” says Taylor. “Because of this, it’s expected that Brexit, coupled with the government drive to reduce immigration, will intensify competition to attract and retain skilled workers. Indeed, there’s a rapidly diminishing pool of skilled talent available and it’s worth noting that this isn’t just limited to operatives; there’s a rise in demand for skilled managers, too.

“For employers, as well as the wider industry, it’s important to heed the warnings sooner rather than later… and training is key to overcoming this untenable situation.

“After all, the success of your business is dependent upon their performance. They are your most valuable asset and should be invested in as such.”

Mentor gave the Safety Award prize to Owens Group UK at last year’s event. This year’s The Logistics Awards will take place at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe in London on Thursday 20th September.

*Read Mentor FLT training managing director Stuart Taylor's full feature in the SHD June issue

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