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The Logistics Awards 2018 judging panel Q&A

The Logistics Awards 2018 judging panel Q&A

With this year’s judging panel now revealed we ask each of the judges a question relating to the category they will be critiquing in a judging day in June before our awards gala extravaganza, to be held at The Swan, Shakespeare Globe on Thursday 20th September.

Gwynne Richards – founder, Apprise Consulting

Warehouse Efficiency Award judge

SHD: How big an impact will robotics and advanced machinery have in the next five years on the logistics market?

Gwynne Richards: I believe it will have a major impact as we see more and more companies adopting advanced technologies in order to meet their customers’ demanding requirements and as they strive to achieve the perfect order.

Warehouses are becoming more technologically advanced with vision systems, robotic arms, driverless vehicles and autonomous robots further facilitating goods to person strategies.

Another challenge will be how to handle redundancy of staff. A certain percentage will be upskilled however what happens to the remainder. This moral question will be a significant challenge to HR departments, companies and Governments worldwide as developing nations compete with those who are already established.

Kirsten Tisdale – consultant, Aricia Limited

New Facility Award judge

SHD: What questions are operators asking themselves before investing in a new or upgraded facility? Are they the right ones? If not, what should the questions and answers be behind such investments?

Kirsten Tisdale (KT): Last year in answering a question at this stage of the judging process, I looked very much ‘inside the box’. So this year, I’ve taken a look at some wider issues.

SHD: Planning for change starts with ‘what needs to be accommodated by when?’ But the opportunity can lie in ‘where’ and ‘who’, as much as in ‘how’ and ‘how much’:

KT: Is the location close enough to market? To deliver on time and reduce fuel for deliveries. Traditionally, property prices (along with land availability) in cities have distorted decisions in favour of out-of-town - this is starting to change. A more urban location may also mean access to a wider pool of potential staff.

Rob Riddleston – head of Transport & Logistics, Barclays Corporate Banking

Growth Award judge

SHD: Across many facets of the logistics market, from 3PLs, technology software through to last mile, there is strong competition. Has the intensity of competition heightened or has hindered a company’s rate of growth?

Rob Riddleston: Competition can only heighten company’s growth rates – at the end of the day the successful companies are those who adapt to customer needs, invest in new processes and staff ,  and adopt new technology.

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