Logistics 100 interview: Gayle Emsley-Daniels, Ted Baker

June 21, 2019 by David Tran
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Logistics 100 interview: Gayle Emsley-Daniels, Ted Baker

Gayle Emsley-Daniels, Global Carrier Manager at Ted Baker, is responsible for parcel activity out of Ted Baker’s three main distribution centre hubs - in Derby for distribution activities in the UK, in Atlanta for the US, and Hong Kong. This encompasses the distribution of products via e-commerce and products that go into its retail stores.

She talks to SHD Logistics Assistant Editor David Tran about which retailers’ logistics activities most inspires her and whether the global remit of her position is as glamorous as it is cut out to be. Gayle also discusses her main interests away from work, while David also poses the question as to whether she puts her logistics skills to good use by throwing on a party in celebration of her 40th birthday this month.

Gayle features in SHD Logistics June issue. Please click here to read more in an extended interview.


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