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Logistics 100 2019 Q&A: Harrods' Simon Finch

Logistics 100 2019 Q&A: Harrods' Simon Finch

SHD Logistics has just released a definitive list of the most influential logisticians in the UK. The Logistics 100, compiled by an independent judging panel, is measured on a variety of criteria, centred by operational strength. The key considerations also include influence, driving change, engagement, rising star potential and outside influencers, the latter two with which SHD has compiled separate lists for.

Members of the 2019 Logistics 100 give their thoughts on the most pressing issues within their sectors. This week, we hear from Harrods director of distribution, Simon Finch.

Simon Finch      

Distribution Director     


Simon is the Director of Distribution at Harrods and is responsible for driving supply chain strategy to support Harrods Omni channel growth. He is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service through a world class Distribution business and through collaboration with suppliers and partners.

SHD: How can retailers ensure they have a robust and effective reverse logistics process?

Simon: In simple terms how we have built our reverse logistics capabilities is to treat it exactly the same as our inbound and fulfilment logistics processes. Same level of investment in people, processes, technology and infrastructure, at peak I believe it gives us a competitive advantage.

SHD: What more can the industry do to bring more women into the trade, particularly in influential positions?

Simon: I think the key is to attract women into the industry at the graduate level and then support their development and progression. We have a Distribution graduate programme at Harrods which we relaunched in 2013 and 80% of our graduates are women and it is very exciting now to see a number of them progressing through the management levels. Currently women make up just under 40% of my senior operational management team however I am confident that will increase in the next few years to at least 50% due to our graduate programme.

Read the full feature and list in the SHD January 2019 issue.

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